5 Eco-Conscious Black Friday Deals

5 Eco-Conscious Black Friday Deals

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For those of us attempting to foster more ethical consumption habits, Black Friday is an easy day to slip up. With so many sales going on, smashing that buy button on discounted decor items is enticing, especially when you’re still too full to make it out of the house. To keep you from letting great deals distract you from opaque manufacturing pipelines and the fact that those cheap sale pillows are doused in toxic chemicals, we’ve pulled together some eco-conscious home goods companies offering great Black Friday deals online. 

Sol Organics is a sustainable online destination for all things bedding, from silky duvet covers to down comforters and sheet sets. They promise never to use chemicals like pthalates or formaldehydes, transparently document their supply chain, and their cotton is never doused in pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Get 30% off your purchase on Friday with the code Friday2019. 

Parachute promises that no toxic chemicals or synthetics are used in their products, and the company is a partner in the UN’s Nothing But Nets campaign, which provides malaria-preventing bed nets to vulnerable communities. Everything online will be 20% off from Friday until December 2nd. 

Toilet paper might not be the most glamorous home good. However, its one with an environmental impact we don't consider enough. Usually made by cutting down tress and pumping chemicals into their fibers, Plant Paper instead makes a three-pronged sustainability promise: their production leaves no trace, contains no chemicals, and harms no trees. From Black Friday through December 4th, Plant Paper is discounting its 12-packs 10% and its 36-packs 15%, plus offering subscriptions that start at $9.99.

Ok, it’s not a piece of furniture. But Garcon Wines’ uniquely shaped bottles are so sculptural they can double as decor. Plus, the signature flattened silhouette was designed to reduce carbon emissions in the wine supply chain by decreasing the weight of each bottle that gets shipped. 87% lighter than the average wine bottle, completely recyclable, and made from pre-existing recycled PET plastic, this is a wine bottle you can be proud to display.  

At Sabai, sustainability is always a priority. Not only are the fabrics made from natural fibers and recycled water bottles, but all the production takes place in North Carolina and even the packaging your furniture ships in is eco-conscious (sofa leg bags can double as produce bags, boxes are recycled, and plastic is never used in packaging). All sofas and sectionals are 10% off and shipping is free with the code BLACKFRIDAY starting on Thanksgiving. 


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