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Sabai x Neutrl: Carbon Removal

Oct 04, 2022 Christopher Yih

We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with Neutrl, a company that helps our community offset their purchases carbon footprint. Neutrl measures the carbon impact of each Sabai order, calculates the cost to offset carbon impact through permanent carbon removal projects, and then invests that money into permanent carbon removal technologies and projects.. 

By adding Neutrl to your order, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your order and help offset the emissions from your  delivery. 

We love Neutrl because Neutrl makes it simple and easy to understand how your purchases affect the environment and gives you the immediate opportunity to offset your emissions. Adding Neutrl to your cart is one of many ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint!

From Neutrl:

"We’ve identified the top frontier carbon removal projects that are helping us stay within the 1.5°C pathway. To ensure the quality of our vetting process, we benchmark these projects using the latest verification standards from the American Carbon Registry, Gold Standard, and Climate Action Reserve." 


A few projects, Neutrl funds


NCX connects corporations to the landowners, habitats, and communities they impact through our carbon marketplace. By drawing on our years of precision forest management, we enable net-zero pioneers to purchase carbon credits with immediate, verifiable impact and landowners to quantify the full value of their forests.

Ocean-based climate solutions

Uses infinite ocean wave energy to grow phytoplankton, that like trees absorb carbon dioxide, but much faster and feed fish in the sea. When these plankton die they sink to the mid & deep ocean where the carbon is stored for centuries.


A Dutch company called greenSand is putting an innovative spin on surface mineralization. They collect green sand, crushed bits of rock rich in olivine that show up on beaches in countries like Spain, Norway, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Greece, and the United States; and then package them for use in soil, gardens, and construction projects.


ECOERA uses an industrial symbiosis solution starting with using agricultural residues rich in carbon and creating a balanced pellet out of them. The pellets are then carbonized where heat is released and utilized. 


Climeworks develops, builds and operates direct air capture machines using a technology which captures carbon dioxide directly from the air; removing unavoidable and historic CO2 emissions.

To read more about Neutrl's impact, read more here.

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