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Behind the Design: The City Table

Oct 05, 2022 Krista Lee

Just like the materials we source, our designs are equally important. Sustainable furniture does not have to sacrifice appearance! When creating our products, we want to make sure they are versatile and can work alongside different interior design styles while still being functional, long lasting, and timeless pieces. Look good, feel good attitude, ya know? But on the inside and the outside!

We asked our table designer to share some insight on the design process behind The City Table: 


When I was working through this design process, I was gathering a lot of inspiration from the environment around me. I live in Brooklyn and commute into Manhattan each day for work, so I see tons of examples of unique infrastructure details that you only see in a place like New York. When you really stop to look, there are so many things in the subway system and on the street that are actually beautifully and thoughtfully designed and I'm constantly taking images of these types of details. They frequently serve as inspiration for the objects I design, including this project. 


Behind the Bases: 

The steel bases for this table were inspired by some examples I'd seen of sheet metal being bent and formed in really interesting ways. There are lots of good examples in the art and design world where sheet metal is used to accomplish interesting tasks and I was interested to see how it could be incorporated into this design. I wanted the design to be really clean and simple with as few parts as possible. By incorporating the subtle curve in the base, it eliminated the need for additional support running between the legs. This provided the rigidity needed to create a stable and sturdy table surface, all while adding a pleasing aesthetic detail that is central to the design. I knew I wanted to have the steel be powder coated because it offers a durable finish and also provides such a wide range of color options. The mood of a piece is completely transformed depending on the color used and I wanted this piece to be flexible in that way. 


Mixed Materials:

I loved the story and the purpose behind the plan to use reclaimed lumber and I was particularly interested in mixing the powder-coated metal and the wood into the same assembly. The clean consistency of the steel bases complement the warm natural wood top. The rigidity and precision of the base offers such a nice contrast to the wood's natural irregularity.


Function vs Design:

And from a practicality standpoint, I wanted this to be a table that was extremely easy for anyone to put together without any special tools, but I didn't want it to look like it was easy to put together or that it was cheap. You can always tell when something is flat packed or designed for maximum efficiency from a packaging/shipping standpoint and I wanted to make sure the priority was designing a product that was sustainable, long lasting, and beautiful. And of course, I wanted it to be easily shippable, but that was not my number 1 objective.


Let us know in the comments what you think of the design!

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  • Michelle Adams

    Nov 12, 2022

    Very clean lines .. simple yet elegant…fits well with many other styles! I recently visited Brooklyn for the first time and walked endlessly admiring the architecture!

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