All About the Chocolate Color Trend

Apr 26, 2024 Kelly McGeehan

The color chocolate can be spotted from head to toe on the latest catwalks. Now, it’s becoming home design’s newest it color. Why? This post dives into what makes the color chocolate trend worth the hype. 

Why Chocolate Might be the Perfect Hue for Your Home

Brown doesn’t have to be drab. Here are a few reasons why Sabai is sweet on the chocolate color trend. 


1- It works as a warm neutral.

Chocolate brings a sense of richness and comfort into a space. It works as a neutral color while adding an aura of warmth that other neutrals like black and gray don’t often invoke. 

2- It fits any aesthetic. 

From modern farmhouse to traditional to bohemian, chocolate brown has the depth and range to fit any aesthetic. Its many variations make it adaptable to any style and home. 

3- It’s earth-friendly. 

Chocolate brown is the perfect color for the eco-conscious consumer. Its earthy tones can be easily found in an assortment of natural furniture and home decor. Better yet, these pieces are often made from sustainable materials. Take our sofas and loveseats for example: they all can come in a chocolate-colored upholstery made of 100% upcycled and recycled fabrics. 


How to Incorporate the Chocolate Trend in Your Home

The best part about the chocolate color trend? It works in virtually any space, with any color palette (no need to start from scratch!). 

You can pair brown with white to create contrast in a sleek, modern space. In more traditional styles, chocolate works best when featured in upholstery and wood finishes. You can also mix brown with soft pinks like in The Striped Pillow for added warmth. 

Our seating options come in a rich chocolate hue that adds a sense of comfort and elegance to any space. Already have a Sabai sofa in another color, but want to try out the chocolate trend? You can purchase one of our slipcovers made of 100% recycled and upcycled fabrics to give your space a new look. 

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The Evergreen Sofa in Recycled Velvet
The Evergreen Sofa in Recycled Velvet


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