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Visit our Help Center, contact us or email us at customer@sabai.design.

For collaboration or partnership requests, email community@sabai.design - note that partnership requests sent to our customer service email will not be answered.

We are a small team of 12 at Sabai with an even smaller customer experience team. In order to keep our responses as efficient and quick as possible, we do not have a phone line.

We are in the office 9A-1P EST, Monday-Friday, and 10P-6A EST Sunday-Thursday, and are closed weekends and holidays. We will get back to you within 24-48 business hours.

Product & Assembly

How do I assemble my furniture?

Assembly is simple and quick!

*When opening your boxes please DO NOT use sharp objects as they will damage the product. 

Download our virtual instructions below.


Wrench-based Assembly (Order #4158 & on)

- Sectional - Manual | Video

- Sofa - Manual | Video

- Loveseat - Manual | Video

- Ottoman

- Essential Storage Ottoman

- Essential Chair

- Club Chair

- Corner Sectional - Manual |Video

- Loveseat Sectional

Assembly Videos:

- Sectional

- Sofa

- Loveseat

- Essential Chair

- Corner Sectional

Slipcover Assembly Videos

- Sectional

- Sofa

- Ottoman

*Please use Sectional video for Loveseat Sectional and Sofa video for Loveseat.

Tool-less Assembly (Order #4157 & before)

- Sectional

- Sofa

- Ottoman


- 96" Sofa

- 86" Sofa

- Loveseat

- Chair

- Sectional

- Ottoman

- Daybed

- Elevate 99" Corner Sectional

- Elevate Reversible L Corner Sectional

- Elevate 126" Corner Sectional


- Sofa

- Loveseat

- Chair

- Ottoman


- The City Table

- The Milestone Table

What tools do I need for assembly?

For seating: A mini ratchet wrench is sent with every order that requires it for assembly.

*When opening your boxes please DO NOT use sharp objects as they will damage the product.

Can I put the furniture together by myself?

For seating: Yes, but it's always easier with a friend.

We do suggest having a second person when assembling our larger Corner Sectionals.

What side does the chaise go on for the Essential and Elevate Collection Sectionals?

Either the right or left side, depending on how you assemble your sectional! This means you can switch it up and change your space later as you wish.

Is Sabai durable?

Very. Our Essential Collection is durable and has passed all ANSI/BIFMA X5.4 Section 15 Lounge and Public Seating standards.

Through our Repair Don't Replace Initiative, we also offer replacement components that allow you to freshen up your seating, because accidents happen! You can find what we offer for RDR here.

Can I order fabric swatches?

Yes and they are free! Simply add to your cart here and complete the checkout process to order.

We do charge a shipping fee for swatches sent to Canada.

*We hope to add a return process for our swatches in the near future to help reduce waste and keep them in use.

Do you have a showroom?

We don't have a showroom yet but hope to in the future!

Do you have a trade program?

Yes we do! Reach out to customer@sabai.design or contact us here and our customer experience team will tell you everything you need to know! :)

Is my current Essential Seating compatible with the expansion kits?

We are always looking for ways to improve our products which is why In May 2021 we changed our assembly method from Tool-Free to Wrench Based. 

What’s the difference? 

Our Tool-Free Assembly had 2 brackets on the front rail and 2 brackets and 2 base plates on each arm. There were thumb bolts you turned with your hands to secure each corner. See instruction manual here. 

Our current Wrench Based Assembly uses a Ratchet Wrench (comparable to the bit of an Allen wrench) that screws in our metal bolts. There are NO brackets on the front rail and the arms only have 1 bracket each that slides into the back piece. See instruction manual here

What is compatible? 

ONLY WRENCH BASED ASSEMBLY is compatible with our Corner Sectional Expansion Kits. Sofas and Sectionals with Order #4158 and after (est. May 11, 2021) and all Loveseats have the Wrench Based Assembly. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience to those with our Tool-Free Assembly but would be happy to figure out an alternative for you. Please reach out to us at customer@sabai.design if you need help figuring out which assembly method you have or if you have our Tool-Free Assembly and want options for expanding. 

*For our Sofa to Sectional or Loveseat to Loveseat Sectional Kits, you do not need to worry about the assembly method. They work with either one. 

As a reminder all expansion kits are final sale and not eligible for return or exchange.

Do your ottomans have storage?

We have ottomans available both with and without storage for our Essential and Evergreen Collections!


How is Sabai sustainable?

Materials: We utilize recycled, upcycled, natural, non-toxic, and FSC-certified materials. 

Production: We work with ethical, domestic manufacturing partners who produce Sabai products on a made-to-order basis to reduce waste and avoid overproduction. 

Packaging: Sabai products are shipped in 100% recycled corrugated boxes with no plastic. 

Designed For Repair & Resale: Sabai products are designed with longevity and end-of-life solutions in mind. Mechanical fasteners are used instead of glue to ensure that materials can come apart for recycling. 

Everything is flat-packed, easily assembled, and repaired through our Repair Don’t Replace program. That way, if an accident happens, its life can be extended rather than being sent to a landfill. 

Through our Sabai Revive program, if you need to move on from your Sabai piece, we’ll take it back and facilitate a resale to give that piece a new life.

What about off-gassing and toxic materials?

Our materials are chosen to minimize toxic off-gassing in your home:

Cushions are made from CertiPUR-US certified high resiliency foam, which has no flame retardants or formaldehydes.

Our Recycled Velvet, Upcycled Poly and Natural Hemp fabrics are untreated, to avoid any off-gassing.

Frames are built from FSC-certified wood. 

Wooden legs are stained with a non-toxic water-based finish. 

The Coffee Table uses a non-toxic water-based finish with zero VOCs.

Additionally, our products do not have Proposition 65 warnings.

What about flame retardants (FRs)?

Our materials do not include any flame retardants.

What type of glue do you use?

We do not use glue to upholster our furniture.


Recycled Velvet is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GRS Certified.

Upcycled Poly is Greenguard Gold Certified.

Frames made with furniture grade FSC-certified plywood (pine and birch) that is nontoxic.

Cushions are made with CertiPUR-US certified high resiliency foam. No flame retardants.

Our products are not currently LEED certified. 

Certified B-Corporation.

How can I sell back my furniture to Sabai Revive?

To sell your furniture back, please fill out our buyback form. Once you submit your form, our support team will reach out with detailed instructions and ask for pictures and additional information we may need for resale.

Visit our Help Center for more information on our Open Box and Revive Programs!


How long will it take to get my order?

Lead times can fluctuate and can be anywhere between 1-8 weeks. Note that production lead times and transit times are separate. *Please check the product page and announcement bar at the top of the website for the most up-to-date lead times. 

We ship most orders via FedEx home delivery to the address provided at check out, and FedEx will deliver boxes depending on where they normally leave boxes at your residence. 

*Note: During periods of high order volume we choose to ship eligible West Coast orders with a more sustainable carrier option that has fewer touchpoints and fewer emissions before arriving at your door. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions about an order being delivered by GLS. 

We ship all boxes per piece together, however, on occasion FedEx will split the boxes up, resulting in them arriving on different days. By scrolling down on the tracking link you are provided via email once shipped, you can view each box status individually.

We cannot set a scheduled delivery date or specific location other than the shipping address.  

Please note that we do not offer white glove assembly at this time, but are looking into options for this in the future!

For the U.S.:

Orders take 1-4 days to reach East Coast locations, 2-4 days for Central US locations, 4-5 days to reach West Coast locations, and 3-7 days to reach locations in Hawaii and Alaska.

*Note: Eligible West Coast orders will be shipped with a more sustainable carrier option, GLS. Transit times for these orders is 4-10 days.

For Canada:

Orders take 5-8 days.

You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your order ships.

*Please reach out to us at customer@sabai.design if you think you will be on vacation or away from your home during delivery. We cannot guarantee holds.

How do you package your products?

We package our products in 100% recycled cardboard boxes without the use of any plastic.

*When opening your boxes please DO NOT use sharp objects as they will cut through the product.

Where do you ship?

We ship within the United States and now Canada! 

*Note that orders going to HI, AK, and Canada are final sale and not eligible for return. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note we cannot ship furniture to a PO box, we can only ship swatches to PO boxes. If a furniture order is placed going to a PO box, our customer support team will reach out for an alternative address.

How much is shipping?

Home Decor Items- calculated at checkout. If ordered with a seating piece shipping is included in the below charge.

Dog Bed- Shipping for our dog beds is $15.

Repair Don’t Replace Items- calculated at checkout. If ordered with a seating piece shipping is included in the below charge. 

Slipcovers- Shipping is $15 for our Essential Sofas, Essential Sectionals, Essential Loveseat and Essential Loveseat Sectional Slipcovers, for our Essential Ottoman Slipcovers are $10. All Essential Corner Sectional Slipcovers are $20.

For our Evergreen Collection, Slipcover Shipping is $15 to the Cont. U.S., $15.19 to Canada, and $50 to AK and HI.

For our Elevate Collection Mattress Topper, shipping is $25 to the Cont. U.S. and $150 to AK/HI. We do not ship mattress toppers to Canada at this time, we apologize for any inconvenience!

Furniture (Prices below shown in USD) *Canadian orders ship duties paid, please reach out to our team if you receive any invoices for delivery.

Product Cont. U.S. AK & HI Canada
Essential Ottoman $30 $155 $70
Essential Storage Bench $25 $150 $75
Elevate Ottoman $30 $500 $50
Evergreen Ottoman $30 $450 $50
Evergreen Storage Ottoman $25 $150 $75
Essential & Club Chair $45 $255 $100
Evergreen Chair $45 $700 $90
Essential Loveseat $85 $615 $180
Elevate Loveseat $95 $1100 $170
Evergreen Loveseat $95 $1200 $190
Essential Loveseat Sectional $95 $720 $235
Essential Sofa $95 $615 $190
Elevate Sofa $135 $1200 $250
Evergreen Sofa $135 $1400 $250
Essential Sectional $135 $820 $240
Elevate Sectional $175 $1500 $310
Essential 5-Seat Sectional $185 $1030 $340
Essential 6-Seat Sectional $195 $1030 $415
Essential 7-Seat Sectional $250 $1030 $430
Elevate 99" Corner Sectional $250 $2000 $900
Elevate Reversible L Corner Sectional $275 $2500 $1100
Elevate 126" Corner Sectional $350 $3000 $1300
City Table $60 $210 $105
Milestone Table $40 $200 $100
Semi Side Table $35 $120 $50
Field Rug 5' x 8' $35 $110 $51.76
Field Rug 7' x 9' $40 $135 $55.45
Field Rug 8' x 10' $45 $140 $59.15
Rug Pads $45 $65 $29.58

How many boxes should I expect?

Find all packaging including dimension and weight info here!

Cleaning & Care

Is Sabai furniture pet-friendly?

Our fabrics are stain resistant and easy to spot clean and vacuum. Our fabrics are inherently scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. We do recommend keeping your cats' and dogs' nails trimmed for extra security to further prevent markings. If you have a cat with very sharp claws - our velvet may be a better choice as it has a tighter weave.

Pet hair may be more visible on velvet fabric but can easily be cleaned with a lint roller, when it comes to pet hair, we recommend velvet for ease of cleaning, though we've had customers with pets who have had success with all of our fabrics!

Check out our FUR-niture Blog for more info on what makes our products pet friendly.

What about stains?

Our fabrics are inherently stain resistant and are easily cleaned with gentle (non-solvent based) household cleaners.

How do you clean Sabai's covers?

Our cushion and pillow covers are removable to make them easier to clean!

See below for cleaning and care instructions on both fabrics.

Recycled Velvet:

Our Recycled Velvet fabric can be cleaned with gentle household cleaning products. If possible, place a clean towel behind the fabric to absorb any excess moisture. We recommend spraying and dabbing all the way the seams to avoid any water rings from drying. This fabric can also be machine washed on delicate with cold water and then air dried or tumble dried with no heat. 

Upcycled Poly: 

Our Upcycled Poly fabric is inherently stain resistant and can be cleaned with household cleaning products, including a bleach solution, without being damaged. Most general house cleaners will work, as long as they are NOT solvent based (most are not). We recommend spraying and dabbing all the way the seams to avoid any water rings from drying. Alternatively, you can also hand wash (do not put our upcycled poly in the washing machine) with cold water and air dry - no heat. 

Upcycled Poly bleach solution: 

Most stains can be removed by making a solution of 1 ounce of bleach to 30 ounces of water in a clean spray bottle (Most spray bottles are 32 ounces). If possible, place a clean towel behind the fabric to absorb any excess moisture. Set the nozzle to “fan” the spray pattern and wet out the entire side of the cover where the stain is. Then wipe the entire cover with a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture. Spray the same area with clean water to rinse the bleach solution out of the fabric. Again, wipe the entire cover with a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture. Allow the cover to air dry.


Machine wash on gentle with cold water then tumble dry on low. Do not bleach and wash only with similar colors. Lay flat to air dry, do not tumble dry to avoid the possibility of shrinkage. Ironing and steaming are okay on low heat to reduce wrinkles, be sure not to leave the heat on one spot for too long and move continuously.

Sustainability points: washing on cold and air drying saves energy too!

Does the Upcycled Poly fabric pill?

Our Upcycled Poly fabric has an abrasion resistance of 75,000 double rubs. What that means is it’s built to last and pill resistant. You won’t have issues with your Sabai product pilling. 

However, if you wear clothing or use blankets/throws that are prone to pilling or accumulating lint, those pill & lint balls can get stuck in the weave of the Upcycled Poly fabric, which might make it seem like your sofa fabric is pilling. The good news is that this is also a very solvable problem! If pill balls accumulate on your furniture, we recommend using a tool such as this Pilling Remover to get it looking brand new again. You can also use a sharp razor blade to remove the pill balls, going slowly and carefully so as to not damage the fabric. This may take more time and may not be as effective.

Do you sell slipcovers?

We currently sell our redesigned slipcovers for our Essential Sofas, Sectionals, Loveseats, Loveseat Sectionals, and Ottomans.

We also sell Slipcovers for our Evergreen Collection!

You can view the Slipcovers here.

We are currently working on Slipcovers for our Corner Sectionals.

Are your fabrics heat tolerant?

Both our Upcycled Poly and Recycled Velvet are NOT heat tolerant.

Please be cautious of any heat source you place near or on the fabrics as it can damage or melt the material. For this reason we recommend air-drying the covers without any heat applied.

For our Hemp, ironing and steaming are okay on low heat to reduce wrinkles, be sure not to leave the heat on one spot for too long and move continuously.

How do you clean our Tables?

Check out our article about cleaning the City, Milestone and Semi-Side Tables here!

How to clean our Rugs?

Can be spot cleaned with a variety of methods depending on the stain. See full cleaning instructions here.

How do you clean the Mattress Topper?

We recommend using the removable cotton cover on the mattress topper to prevent spills directly on the latex. We recommend that you spot-clean the cover with a mild detergent & brush then place the cover in the sun because natural sunlight is excellent at completely disinfecting textiles. The cover is not machine washable because it is made with untreated cotton that is not pre-shrunk, so it may shrink in the wash.

If a spill occurs on the latex material, gently spot clean with a damp cloth and rub gently.

Avoid direct sunlight on an uncovered latex topper, this will cause the natural material to break down faster.

Policies & Orders

Return & Exchange Policy

At Sabai Design, we encourage our customers to measure twice, buy once, in effort to slow down wasteful returns. That said, we understand buying furniture online can be difficult, and while we want all of our customers to enjoy their Sabai, we know not everything is a perfect match. If you would like to get started on the return process, our team is here to help you every step of the way!

We have a 100% made-to-order business model, promoting slower consumption and less waste, which is why we try to resell all returns through our Open Box Program, reducing touch points and emissions with the goal of shipping from customer to customer, before going to a third party returns center. Below is more information on our policy and process, please reach out with any questions.

We accept returns and exchanges on full pieces of seating (we cannot exchange just the legs, or just the cushions etc.) if initiated within 30 days of delivery, please note, this refers to the date that the piece was delivered in full by our logistic partners, and does not refer to the date of unboxing the piece. All returns must be in original condition, meaning the piece has no damages or imperfections that were inflicted after unboxing. Furniture must be returned free of all dirt, damage, pet dander and hair. All pieces are inspected for quality control upon delivery before issuing a refund. 

We also accept returns on Rugs within 15 days of delivery. Rugs must be returned free of all dirt, damage, pet dander and hair. Rugs will be inspected for quality control upon delivery before issuing a refund. 

We accept table returns within 15 days of delivery. *A Note about Milestone Table Returns, we cannot accept separate table tops unless they are completely unopened. We can only accept full table (with legs and a top) returns for our Milestone pieces.

As a small business, we can only accept returns and buybacks from the continental U.S. right now. We cannot accept returns from Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. As part of our mission to stay sustainable, we process returns through our Open Box return process and at this time we cannot support our recommerce program in these areas. 

-Original shipping fees for returned items are nonrefundable.

-We have a return and exchange processing fee totaling 10% of the retail price (before discounts) of the piece being returned or exchanged, which will be deducted from your refund. Returns and exchanges must be sent back in original packaging. If you require new boxes sent, the return or exchange processing fee will be 15% (before discount) of the item’s cost. 

-Any pieces that arrive dirty, damaged, or not in original condition will have replacement costs deducted from the refund.

-Each customer in eligible return regions is allowed one return per product line. Please note that if you return a piece from a product line, and choose to order from the same product line again, sales will be final. 

-All returns are currently resold through our Open Box Return Program. We choose to resell the pieces at a discounted price, to ensure they do not end up in landfills. If your piece does not have a buyer within 5 business days (we’re open Monday-Friday), we will send it to our return partner. Please visit our help center here for more information on our returns process.

-Our team will work with you for each step of the return process, including packaging instructions, sending labels to put on the boxes and scheduling a pick-up. Please note that failure to properly label boxes and meet pick-up dates as scheduled and instructed by customer support may result in additional lost box/missed pick-up fees of up to $150 per box.

-All Home Decor items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

-All Dog Beds are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

-Mattress Toppers and Vacuum Bags are final sale and not eligible for return or exchange.

-All Repair Don’t Replace components are final sale. RDR products should be purchased with the intention of repairing or refreshing your existing Sabai pieces. We have a made-to-order business model, and we wouldn’t be able to re-use or resell these as part of our recommerce program. As always we will still replace a piece if it arrives defective or has an issue that is covered under our warranty.

-Slipcovers are final sale unless ordered with/at the same time as a full piece of furniture and are completely unopened, still in original packaging. Eligible Slipcover returns will be subject to our 10% return processing fee and non refundable shipping costs. 

-Return refunds are issued once the order has been delivered to its new location and inspected for quality assurance. This can take between 3-10 business days. Once processed,  refunds take 5-7 business days to be credited to the original form of payment. Any pieces that arrive dirty, damaged, or not in original condition will have replacement costs deducted from the refund.

-Exchange pieces are not shipped until the returned piece has been picked up by FedEx (and after their normal lead time). When processing an exchange, your new piece will be put on order and take the current lead time, and then be shipped once the piece you are returning is on the way to its new home.

In order to avoid purchasing something you don't like please be sure to order our free swatches here. Or contact our support team by emailing customer@sabai.design for any questions about our products, we’re always happy to be of assistance!

To initiate a return with us please start by filling out this form, our support team will be in touch with next steps and a few more questions to get the process going!


We offer a 1-year warranty during which time we will replace any parts that are broken upon arrival, have manufacturing defects, or do not arrive as advertised. Please note any markings or damages inflicted after delivery are not covered under warranty. 

Our products are tested for durability with the components that they are sold with. Please note using legs, hardware or any other components not sold with your order will void your piece from being covered under warranty.

For concerns regarding transit damage, please contact customer@sabai.design within 7 days of full delivery date so we are able to file a claim with FedEx. Any transit damages reported after this timeframe will not be covered under warranty.


We can cancel your order for up to 7 days after it’s placed. After this, we are unable to accommodate changes or cancellations, and your order will be treated as a return.

A note about cancellations and promotions - On occasion we will run promotions or discounts for orders placed within certain time windows. We understand that placing an order shortly before a promotion period will result in wanting the same discounts. We are not able to retroactively apply promotional discounts after an order is placed. If you choose to cancel your order so you can replace it (and are still within the cancellation window), a 10% of retail cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund and your lead time will be reset. We are a made-to-order business model, with a small team of 10, and cancellations to replace the order result in extensive production queue reorganization, in order to accommodate these an additional fee is necessary. 

To see if you can cancel your order, reach out to customer@sabai.design with “Cancel Order” in the subject line.

Discounts and Promotions

On occasion, we run discounts and promotions which will be advertised on our website, via our email newsletter, and our social media outlets. Please note that these discounts and promotions are only valid for the promotional period advertised, and we are not able to retroactively refund an already placed order, or extend the window. Discounts and promotions cannot be stacked in a single order with no exceptions.

Unfortunately, every now and then one of our discounts will be leaked without our permission through online coupon sites. We are not responsible for accommodating or honoring any discounts that are not currently active and advertised through one of our official Sabai Design channels. 

If you ever have questions about our upcoming or current promotions or discounts, please reach out to customer@sabai.design.

Order Changes

We can change your order up to 7 days after it is placed. After this, it will be shipped and treated as a return or exchange. 

*Note - out of fairness to other customers any change in upholstery (fabric changes, cushion style changes, etc.) will reset your lead time in the production queue. 

We ship all orders to the shipping address provided at checkout. If you need to make a change to your shipping address please email us at customer@sabai.design to see if we’re able to update it. Any changes to the shipping address must be confirmed and changed through us and we are not responsible for misdeliveries that were not updated and confirmed by us directly (i.e. calling FedEx to reroute boxes after they have shipped).

To see if you can still change your order, reach out to customer@sabai.design with “Change Order” in the subject line, with full details on the change you wish to look into.

Order Holds

If you need to put your order on hold so it doesn’t ship out before a certain date, we can do that for you! Please let us know within 3 days of placing your order, otherwise, we will need to ship it out when it’s ready and at its normal lead time. 

Please note that an order hold release date is not a guaranteed shipping date. If you wish to hold your order, we can only confirm that it will not ship before a certain date, we cannot schedule a ship date, so your order will ship as soon as it’s ready after the hold date requested. 

Please note that we are unable to accommodate early hold releases or extensions, any holds placed cannot be edited or adjusted, and will need to ship out as soon as they're ready, after the hold date requested. 

If you need to put a hold on your order, please reach out to customer@sabai.design with “Hold Order” in the subject line.

Order Concerns

Reach out to customer@sabai.design for any concerns regarding an order and our support team will be happy to assist. Please provide as many details and photos as possible! *A note on our vacuum bag - please take care when using our vacuum seal bag and ensure the area is clear of sharp objects as it can be punctured. We offer replacements for defects with this item if reported to customer@sabai.design within 5 days of delivery.

-We offer replacements for damages or defects with our Dog Beds if reported within 5 days of delivery.

For concerns regarding delivery or shipping damages please photograph all packaging in its state of arrival and send to customer@sabai.design. Please note that we are not responsible for issues related to deliveries being left unattended, such as stolen boxes or weather damages.

For concerns regarding stolen packages, please confirm your address in an email to customer@sabai.design and our customer support team will reply with next steps.

For concerns regarding delivery after your order is shipped, please reach out to customer@sabai.design. If you are in need of an address change, we may be able to reroute your packages, please note that this is not always possible and we are only responsible for shipping to the address provided at checkout or if updated through our customer support within 7 days of purchase. 

After 7 days from purchase, we are unable to change the shipping date or place any holds. If your order has shipped and you are not going to be home for delivery, you can place a vacation hold with FedEx. This is not something that we’re able to do for you, and we are not responsible for any missed priorities with FedEx (for example, they deliver on a different day than you requested with them). Head HERE to set up an account and place a vacation hold on your address.