'FUR'niture: Pet-Friendly Furniture (8/29/2021)

Feb 10, 2023 Sophie Kennedy

Have a cat or dog that seems to destroy your furniture? Look no further: no more paw mark stains or pulled fabric messes with Sabai. 

At Sabai, we prioritize making our products as sustainable as possible - this includes durability. Co-founded by two pet lovers, our furniture is designed to last longer - especially with pets in mind. Between stain and scratch resistant fabrics as well as washable covers and a repair program - pet lovers we have your backs. 

Here are a few things to consider when you're shopping with your pet in mind: 

What about hair? Our recycled velvet is definitely a little bit stickier than our upcycled poly when it comes to hair. A lint remover or vacuum will absolutely do the trick for hair removal. 

What about dirt? Often, mud, dirt, and drool can easily come off with just a damp cloth. But if you need to go a step further - check out our cleaning instructions. Hint: our cushion and back pillow covers are removable! 

What about scratches? Our fabrics are inherently scratch-resistant, however we do recommend keeping your cats' and dogs' nails trimmed for extra security. If you have a cat with very sharp claws - our velvet may be a better choice as it has a tighter weave. 

What about chew toys? Ok we really thought we'd seen it all until we got photos of a bunny chewing through our seat cushion cover. Life happens and our Repair Don't Replace program is here in case it does. With Repair Don't Replace, you don't have to replace an entire piece of furniture if just one small section is damaged. Learn more about our repairable pieces here. It truly is a perfect solution for teething puppies, hungry bunnies, and any other pet-induced damage that may occur. 

What about slipcovers? Sabai offers custom slipcovers for our seating collection in all of our sustainable fabrics. You can shop our custom slipcovers here. 


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  • Kuleen

    Apr 05, 2023

    I appreciate that you offer a replacement for individual components. Our little rescue dog from a hoarding situation destroyed the cushion on our Ikea loveseat. Not the cover, the cushion itself. I was so disappointed that Ikea didn’t offer a way to replace just the cushion. We took the entire loveseat to the dump and bought a new one. We now need sofas for a new home, and Sabai is rising to the top of my list because all the different parts are replaceable.

  • Margarita Schwartzman

    Nov 13, 2022

    Hi, I have 2 cats with sharp claws, when we trim them cats become anxious and scratch even more. Which fabric would you recommend for a couch, loveseat, and armchair in your store? Thanks, Margarita

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