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How do I assemble my furniture?

Assembly is simple and quick!

*When opening your boxes please DO NOT use sharp objects as it will cut through the product.

Download our virtual instructions here:


INSTRUCTION MANUALS: Wrench-based Assembly (Order #4158 & on)

*Note - We redesigned our Ottoman Connector for our Sectional (May 2022). Please feel free to reach out if you'd like the new connectors if your old one does not work!

- Sectional (Redesigned 2 Piece Ottoman Connectors)
- Sofa
- Loveseat
- Ottoman
- Chair
- Corner Sectional
- Loveseat Sectional
- Slipcovers


- Sectional
- Sofa
- Loveseat
- Chair
- Corner Sectional

PREVIOUS INSTRUCTIONS: Tool-less Assembly (Order #4157 & before)

- Sectional
- Sofa
- Ottoman
- Slipcovers (tool free assembly, no wrench)


- Essential Sectional
- Essential Sofa
- Essential Ottoman

*Note: For Loveseats, please follow Sofa assembly video. For Loveseat Sectionals, please follow Sectional assembly video.


- The City Table

What tools do I need for assembly?

For seating: A mini ratchet wrench is sent with every order that requires it for assembly.

*When opening your boxes please DO NOT use sharp objects as it will cut through the product.

Can I put the furniture together by myself?

For seating: Yes, but it's always easier with a friend.

We do suggest having a second person when assembling our larger Corner Sectionals.

What side does the sectional chaise go on?

Either the right or left side. It's up to you! The cushion is reversible so you can always switch it up too.

Is Sabai durable?

Very. Our sofa has passed all ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-2012 Lounge and Public Seating Tests, which tests whether the piece can withstand ten years of regular use by a person that is 275 lbs.

We currently don't have an official weight limit but we are confident that for example, our Essential Sofa can handle 3-4 people. We test our sofas more for long term use and they all go through BIFMA 5.4 tests that include putting 240 lbs per seat (aka each person). So for our sofa and sectional we’ve tested it to withstand at least 720 lbs!

It isn’t a weight limit test but our seating has passed for durability. We also offer our Repair Don't Replace Initiative where you can purchase replacement components for cushions, covers and legs that allow you to freshen up your seating if you ever need to with normal wear.


How is Sabai sustainable?

Recycled, natural, and FSC-certified materials, ethical domestic production, and plastic free shipping.

Sabai is made to order to reduce waste and avoid overproduction. Everything is flat-packed and replaceable so if something breaks, it can be replaced instead of tossed.

Lastly, Sabai offers a Closed Loop Program to prevent furniture waste. Each piece is made with mechanical fasteners to allow for end of life solutions, like recycling, if and when the time comes.

What about off-gassing and toxic materials?

Our materials are chosen to minimize toxic off-gassing in your home:

Cushions are made from CertiPUR-US certified high resiliency foam, which has no flame retardants or formaldehydes.

Recycled Velvet and Upcycled Poly fabrics are untreated, to avoid any off-gassing.

Frames are built from FSC-certified wood. Our wood legs do have a low VOC stain.

Additionally, our products do not have Proposition 65 warnings.

Our Coffee Table uses a non-toxic water based finish with zero VOCs

What about flame retardants (FRs)?

Our materials do not include any flame retardants.

What type of glue do you use?

We no longer use glue to upholster our furniture.

Is Sabai LEED Certified?

Our products are currently not LEED certified.

How can I sell back my furniture to Sabai Revive?

To sell your furniture back, please fill out our buyback form. Once you submit your form, our support team will reach out with detailed instructions and ask for pictures and additional information we may need for resale.

If eligible we would send out an email, listing your piece at a discounted rate (25%-35% off depending on wear).

If we get interest:

1. We would ship you boxes to disassemble and pack up the piece.

2. We'd send shipping labels and schedule a Fedex Pickup to ship the product to the new customer.

3. Once it is picked up, we will pay you the percentage of the sale price by check or gift card. For testing our internal process, we can offer 20% of the resale price if you'd like a check, or 25% if you'd like a gift card.

If we need to go through an external partner instead, we can offer 15% for check, and 20% for gift card.

If we don’t get interest in a timely manner, we’ll work with you for other options. (Eg. Sending it to an external partner). We are currently in the works of adding on a new partner. More info to come soon!


How long will it take to get my order?

Lead times can fluctuate and can be anywhere between 2-6 weeks. *Please check the product page and announcement bar for latest updates to lead times.

We ship via FedEx home delivery to the address provided at check out, and FedEx will deliver boxes depending on where they normally leave boxes at your residence. Please note that we do not offer white glove assembly at this time, but are looking into options for this in the future!

For the U.S:

Orders take 1-3 days to reach East Coast locations, 2-4 days for Central US locations, 4-5 days to reach West Coast locations, and 3-7 days to reach locations in Hawaii and Alaska.

For Canada:

Orders take 5-8 days.

You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your order ships.

*Please reach out to us at customer@sabai.design if you think you will be on vacation or away from your home during delivery. We cannot guarantee holds.

How do you package your products?

We package our products in 100% recycled cardboard boxes without the use of any plastic.

*When opening your boxes please DO NOT use sharp objects as it will cut through the product.

Where do you ship?

We ship within the United States and now Canada!

How much is shipping?

Home Decor Items- calculated at checkout. If ordered with furniture piece shipping is included in the below charge.

Repair Don’t Replace Items- calculated at checkout. If ordered with furniture piece shipping is included in the below charge.

Slipcovers: Shipping is $15 for our Sofa, Sectional, Loveseat and Loveseat Sectional slipcovers, for our ottoman slipcovers it is $10.


Product Cont. U.S. AK & HI Canada
Ottoman $35 $155 $70
Chair $35 $255 $100
Loveseat $75 $615 $180
Loveseat Sectional $95 $720 $235
Sofa $85 $615 $190
Sectional $115 $820 $240
5 Seat Sectional $150 $1030 $340
6 Seat Sectional $175 $1030 $415
7 Seat Sectional $200 $1030 $430
City Table $60 $210 $105

How many boxes should I expect?

Find all packaging including dimension and weight info here!

How can I make my shipment carbon neutral?

Yes! We've partnered with Neutrl - a platform that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by funding permanent carbon removal technologies.

Just add Neutrl to your cart when you are at checkout. Their scientific formula takes many variables like shipping and weight into account to calculate the cost to make a carbon contribution.

Learn more about Neutrl's Carbon Removal Projects here!

How much will it cost me to offset my order?

Offsetting your order typically comes out to about 1 - 2% of your total cart value, depending on the item and shipping method. 

Cleaning & Care

Is Sabai furniture pet-friendly?

Our fabrics are stain resistant and easy to spot clean and vacuum. Our fabrics are inherently scratch-resistant, however we do recommend keeping your cats' and dogs' nails trimmed for extra security. If you have a cat with very sharp claws - our velvet may be a better choice as it has a tighter weave.  Pet hair may be more visible on velvet fabric but can easily be cleaned with a lint roller. We've had customers with pets who have had success with either of our fabrics!

Check out our FUR-niture Blog for more info on what makes our products pet friendly.

What about stains?

Our fabrics are inherently stain resistant!

How do you clean Sabai's covers?

Our cushion and pillow covers area removable to make them easier to clean!

See below for instructions for each type of fabric. 

Recycled Velvet:
Our Recycled Velvet fabric can be cleaned with gentle household cleaning products. If possible, place a clean towel behind the fabric to absorb any excess moisture. We recommend spraying and dabbing all the way the seams to avoid any water rings from drying. This fabric can also be machine washed on delicate with cold water and then air dried or tumble dried with no heat. 

Upcycled Poly: 
Our Upcycled Poly fabric is inherently stain resistant and can be cleaned with household cleaning products, including a bleach solution, without being damaged. Most general house cleaners will work, as long as they are NOT solvent based (most are not). We recommend spraying and dabbing all the way the seams to avoid any water rings from drying. Alternatively, you can also hand wash with cold water and air dry - no heat. 

Upcycled Poly bleach solution: 
Most stains can be removed by making a solution of 1 ounce of bleach to 30 ounces of water in a clean spray bottle (Most spray bottles are 32 ounces). If possible, place a clean towel behind the fabric to absorb any excess moisture. Set the nozzle to “fan” the spray pattern and wet out the entire side of the cover where the stain is. Then wipe the entire cover with a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture. Spray the same area with clean water to rinse the bleach solution out of the fabric. Again, wipe the entire cover with a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture. Allow the cover to air dry.

Sustainability points: washing on cold and air drying saves energy too!

Do you sell slipcovers?

Yes we do! We currently sell full seating slipcovers for our Essential Sofa, Sectional, Loveseat, Loveseat Sectional, and Ottoman.

You can view the slipcovers we currently offer here!

Note: At this time we are only offering The Essential Sofa and Sectional Slipcovers for our Wrench Based Assembly (Orders #4158 and later).

We are working hard to launch slipcovers for the rest of our pieces, please reach out to customer@sabai.design for updates!

Does the Upcycled Poly fabric pill?

Our Upcycled Poly fabric has an abrasion resistance of 75,000 double rubs. What that means is it’s built to last and pill resistant. You won’t have issues with your Sabai product pilling. 

However, if you wear clothing or use blankets/throws that are prone to pilling or accumulating lint, those pill & lint balls can get stuck in the weave of the Upcycled Poly fabric, which might make it seem like your sofa fabric is pilling. The good news is that this is also a very solvable problem! If pill balls accumulate on your furniture, we recommend using a tool such as this Pilling Remover to get it looking brand new again. You can also use a sharp razor blade to remove the pill balls, going slowly and carefully so as to not damage the fabric. This may take more time and may not be as effective. 

Are your fabrics heat tolerant?

Both our Upcycled Poly and Recycled Velvet are NOT heat tolerant.

Please be cautious of any heat source you place near or on the fabrics as it can damage or melt the material. For this reason we recommend air-drying the covers without any heat applied.

Note: You may carefully steam your covers if you continually move the steamer and do not leave it on one spot for an extended time or too close to the fabric.

How do you clean our Coffee Table?

To clean the surface of your table we recommend using warm water and a mild detergent. *Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals such as ammonia, vinegar, powdered all-purpose cleaners, Endust, Pledge, Murphy’s Oil Soap, any type of wax, or silicone based products. Do not steam clean. Do not allow water to stand on the table for extended periods of time.

Policies, Order Status & Showroom

How can I change/check the status of my order?

If you made an account at checkout, sign in and go to My Orders. You’ll see options there.

If you don’t have an account, please email customer@sabai.design with your order # and questions. We’re here to help.

How can I cancel my order?

We can cancel your order up until it has been packed and loaded onto the truck, about 3 days before shipping. After this, it will be treated as a return. Please be on the lookout for our shipping soon emails that will give you a final chance to make changes to your order!

To see if you can cancel your order, reach out to customer@sabai.design with “Cancel Order” in the subject line.

What is your return policy?

We only accept returns for furniture at this time. Returns must be in original condition for full refund within 30 days of delivery.

Original shipping fees are nonrefundable and a $50 return pickup fee will be deducted from your refund. *Note: If you need new boxes to pack your piece, there will be an additional $50 packaging fee.

As a small business we can also only accept returns and buybacks from the continental U.S. right now.(Meaning we can't accept returns from Hawaii, Alaska or Canada). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you need to exchange a product (eg. color or sizing), we can absolutely help you with that but this will void your ability to return.

You'll be eligible for one return per product type (per household/shipping address).

*All returns will be resold through our Open Box Return Program.

Home Decor orders are non-returnable and final sale at this time.

To be transparent, returns are very wasteful and can't always be reused. In order for us to reduce waste and do better for the planet we want to promote slower consumption.

In order to avoid purchasing something you don't like please be sure to order our free swatches here. Or contact our support team by emailing customer@sabai.design for any questions about our products.

Repair Don't Replace orders are FINAL SALE & can't be returned (except for extremely unique cases that we determine). Otherwise, RDR products should be purchased with the intention of repairing or refreshing your existing Sabai pieces. As always we will still exchange anything if it is our fault for defects or issues under our warranty.

Do you have a warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty during which time we will replace any parts that are broken or do not arrive as advertised.

Can I see Sabai before I buy?

Not currently, but hope to have opportunites in the future.

Can I order fabric swatches?

Yes! We offer one swatch of each fabric for free for U.S customers. Simply add to your cart and complete the checkout process to order. For additional swatches, email us.

We do charge a shipping cost for swatches sent to Canada. If you're ordering a full furniture piece, we will send you an additional discount that will cover the cost of the swatch shipping when completing your order.

Do you have a showroom?

We don't have a showroom yet but hope to in the future.