Repair Don’t Replace

Waste-Reducing, Evolving Furniture

Our products are designed for both durability and repairability to minimize waste. All pieces have replaceable parts for when life happens. So, if your dog chews up a cushion or an armrest, you can easily replace it. Keep shopping for your sofa below!

Why People Love Replacement Parts:

Your sofa became your toddler's canvas

Swap out that stained slipcover. At least one thing looks clean.

You have a love of plush pillows

Add more back pillows for a super luxe setup. Oh, that is nice.

A teething puppy got to your sofa legs

Replace them, no problem. Switch up the finish for a new look.

Sustainability is not a buzzword – it’s our blueprint

We’re closing the loop and combatting furniture waste with innovative earth-friendly solutions.

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