The Field Rug

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The Field Rug


The Field Rug is a stylish and durable addition to any room. Woven with natural materials - wool and jute, it is one of few domestically U.S manufactured rugs on the market. The jute offers a natural feel, balanced by the softness of the wool, creating an extremely comfortable and textured rug. Wool is soft and adjusts to changes in the body’s temperature, making the rug cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We recommend the rug is used with our rug pad to reduce movement, maintain the health of the rug by minimizing bunching, and create an even more comfortable experience through an added layer of cushioning. The rug pad also helps to reduce noise and protect your floors from the movement of furniture.

Woven by skilled rug makers based in North Carolina with a century of experience using all natural materials 53% Wool, 47% Jute.

No Toxic Off-Gassing

Responsibly Sourced Wool and Jute

Dimensions and Assembly

Ships as a whole piece. No assembly required.

Sustainable Materials

Both wool & jute are natural, biodegradable & recyclable materials. 

Wool - Ethically sourced from farms in the United Kingdom & New Zealand. Mulesing-free

Jute - Sustainably harvested & sourced from Bangladesh.

Jute is a renewable fiber that is easily grown, reaching maturity at 4-6 months. 

1 hectare of jute plants can absorb up to 15 tons of CO & release up to 11 tons of O2 each growing season. 

In comparison to cotton, jute enhances the health of the soil rather than depleting it.

Closed Loop

Products designed with circularity in mind.

  • Materials that are renewable and responsibly sourced
  • Designed to reduce furniture waste.
  • Backed by the Sabai Standard – our mission to end curb alerts. When you're ready to move on, resell your furniture with Sabai Revive, our secondhand line.


Once shipped: For the U.S - orders take approximately 1-3 days to arrive to East Coast locations, 2-4 days for Central US locations, 4-5 days to West Coast locations, and 3-7 days for locations in Hawaii or Alaska. For Canada - orders take approximately 5-8 days.


Can be spot cleaned with a variety of methods depending on the stain. See full cleaning instructions here.

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