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We use fabrics made from natural fibers and recycled water bottles, FSC certified wood, certiPUR-US certified foam, and recycled fiber pillows.

Our ethical, resourceful production partners are based in High Point, North Carolina.

Our boxes are 100% recycled, we use no plastic in our packaging, and our leg bags double as produce bags.

We are taking responsibility for our products through our life cycle offerings, The Sabai Standard, to help our community reduce furniture waste and the carbon footprint of our products.

Annually, Americans contribute over 9.6 million tons of furniture waste to landfills. Furniture waste is crowding our landfills and furniture is the number one least-recycled item in a household. At Sabai, we are on a mission to change this.

Meet the first life cycle furniture program in the U.S: The Sabai Standard. The Sabai Standard is designed to bring cozy back to your furniture - whether that means restoring your furniture with our exchangeable parts or selling it back to us for a new life. It all starts with design - we use mechanical fasteners instead of glue to avoid any VOCs and to make sure that our materials can be reused, reupholstered, or recycled.

Then it comes down to you. Yes you. Our higher standards are dependent on our community’s willingness to change the status quo of the furniture industry. We encourage our community to revive their pieces or sell them back to us for resale. We are giving you options because we know one size doesn’t fit all - each sofa has a different journey, so our life cycle options reflect that. Together, we can prevent over 1,160.20 cubic yards of waste - enough to fill about 10 swimming pools. That’s just with our first year of sales!

Repair Don’t Replace Program.

At Sabai we know life happens: from your dog mistaking your ottoman leg for a chew toy, to 7 years of everyday cushion use and changing tastes, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to extend the life of our furniture - to keep you enjoying it just as much as the day it came out of the box. Keep your furniture out of landfills by repairing parts rather than replacing it. Learn more about our repair offerings here.

Closed Loop Program.

Furniture is always cozier the second time around! Reselling a furniture piece reduces its carbon footprint by 82%. Starting today, we will take back any of our products, any time - even if they are damaged- to be revived and donated or resold.

How it works:

1. Give your Sabai pieces back to us.

2. Our partner, Floorfound, will pick up your furniture and our team will recycle, refurbish, or resell pre-loved pieces.

3. If the item is sold, we will give you up to 20% of the secondhand sales price back on a gift card or up to 15% back in cash.

Looking for a pre-loved Sabai piece? Shop Sabai Revive pieces to reduce furniture waste and your carbon footprint.

Help us inspire change - whenever you sell back your furniture or buy a Revive piece, you are leading a future of responsible consumerism. Click here to start your buyback or shop Sabai’s Revive pieces.