The Semi Side Table

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The Semi Side Table


The calming curves of the Semi Side Table were designed to complement the straight lines of our Essential Seating Collection. Its half-moon shape can stand on its own against a wall and sofa or comes full-circle when paired with a second side table. The post can be used as a bookend, allowing you to stack books both horizontally and vertically on the bottom shelf. These pieces are hand-made in Michigan by local artisans.

*Note: Natural variations in the wood may occur including differing grain textures and color from component to component.

No Toxic Off-Gassing

FSC Certified & Carbon Smart Wood

Dimensions and Assembly

Ships as a whole piece. No assembly required.

Sustainable Materials

Cherry Carbon Smart Wood

FSC-Certified White Oak

Non-Toxic VOC Free Oil Stain

100% Recycled Packaging 

Closed Loop

Carbon Smart Wood:

  • Thirty-six million trees fall in U.S. cities every year, with most ending up as waste. By utilizing salvaged wood, we are giving these trees a second life, sequestering carbon, and creating local green jobs. The City Table utilizes fallen ash trees from Baltimore, where our mill partner saves this would-be wasted material while also supporting local tree planting.
  • 1 Table = 54kg avoided CO2 emissions (the equivalent of driving 134 mi in a gas car) and 1,008 kg CO2 carbon benefit from local tree planting in replacement of salvaged trees
  • By sourcing wood made of fallen or salvaged trees we are continuing our mission to create a circular model that reduces waste and gives materials a second life.

The Sabai Standard

  • Backed by Sabai Revive – our mission to end curb alerts. When you're ready to move on, resell your furniture with us through our secondhand line.


Once shipped: For the U.S - orders take approximately 1-3 days to arrive to East Coast locations, 2-4 days for Central US locations, 4-5 days to West Coast locations, and 3-7 days for locations in Hawaii or Alaska. For Canada - orders take approximately 5-8 days.


Option 1: Use a damp rag with clean water

Option 2: Rubio Monocoat Soap / Surface Care Spray (diluted soap)

Tannin or Stains: "Black spots or tannin stains can occur after wood comes in contact with a strong alkaline solution or moisture and metal. E.g. cans, flowerpots, etc...  These black or tannin spots are caused from a chemical reaction to acid and water."

Tannin Remover is a ready-to-use product for removing stains and spots on wood caused by a reaction to acid and water. It can be used on untreated, oiled, and waxed surfaces. It can be also be used on water damaged parquet floors, as well as on outdoor wood surfaces.

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