10 Sustainable Presents to Give for Eco-Conscious Holiday Gifting (12/2/2022)

Dec 01, 2023 Annie Cao

If your love language is gift giving, you’ve probably started holiday shopping for the perfect gifts to give to your loved ones. But as many of us know, holiday sales and promotions tend to encourage overconsumption, which isn’t sustainable for our planet.

Instead, picking out thoughtful presents and choosing earth-conscious items are good alternatives so you can still enjoy gift exchanges while having a smaller impact on the planet.

Here are 10 eco-friendly options to gift your friends and family this holiday season!


image via foodandwine.com

1. For the chef: Our Place Perfect Pot

If you have someone in your life that enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes, gifting some cookware is an excellent option. This multifunctional pot reduces the amount of pots and pans that you need, and it ships in plastic-free packaging.


image via potterybarn.com

2. For the homebody: Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket

Whether your loved one loves being a couch potato or sleeping in, this weighted blanket is a game changer. Made from Tencel, a plant-based and 100% biodegradable fabric, this blanket is a stunning option for the bedroom or living room.


image via sugamats.com

3. For the fitness lover: Sugamats Yoga Mat

Staying active is important for everyone, so if you’ve got someone in your life who enjoys working out, gift them this eco-conscious yoga mat. Made from recycled wetsuits, these mats are made in the USA and they give 10% discounts if you send them a used wetsuit!


image via stojo.com

4. For the health-conscious foodie: Stojo Food Containers

Whether it’s storing leftovers from holiday meals or meal prepping for the week, this pal is an expert at not wasting food! These Stojo food containers are collapsible for easy storage and are made from food-grade safe silicone for a gift they'll surely appreciate.


image via earthhero.com


5. For the sustainability beginner: Earth Hero Zero Waste Starter Kit

Maybe you have a friend that wants to begin their sustainability journey, but doesn’t know where to start. This starter kit features a reusable utensil kit, bamboo toothbrush, organic cotton mesh produce bag, and a book with ways to cut down on waste.


image via sephora.com

6. For the beauty lover: Kate Mcleod Daily Stone

If you know someone who loves beauty products, you can introduce them to this beautiful and sustainable lotion shaped as a body stone! Made without water, this lotion is plastic-free and incorporates nourishing oils. To use, warm the stone with your hands and rub it on your body before massaging it in.


image via reviewgeek.com


7. For the tech savvy: Nimble Portable Phone Charger

Even though the occasional digital detox is great, this portable charger is a useful gift for anyone who uses their phone a lot. We’ve featured this product before in our sustainable traveling blog post, but Nimble is a compact portable charger made with 72.5% recycled plastic. They also have a program to recycle electronic waste!


image via cnn.com

8. For the traveler: Cadence Build Your Six Capsule System

If you’ve got a friend who enjoys traveling the world or always goes on work trips, this gift is convenient and useful! Made from recycled materials, these magnetic capsules will keep everything organized and save space, all while being aesthetically pleasing.



9. For the interior decorator: Sabai Throw Pillows

A great throw pillow is the perfect way to spruce up your living room or bedroom. We’ve got a great variety of colors and we actually just launched 3 new cozy shades: Amber, Chocolate, and Ash! With covers made from Upcycled Poly or Recycled Velvet, our pillows make a great eco-conscious gift.


image via blog.pic-time.com


10. For everyone: E-Gift Cards

Sometimes you might not be sure what to get for a certain friend or family member. Or maybe it might be better for them to choose what they want. That’s where virtual gift cards come in handy! E-gift cards don’t create any waste and allow your loved ones to get whatever they want.

At Sabai, we have e-gift cards that you can gift to your friends and family (or yourself!😉)


Happy holidays and happy gifting! 🎁 Let us know your favorite sustainable gift ideas in the comments!


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