5 Latinx Interior Designers You Should Have On Your Radar (9/22/2022)

Feb 10, 2023 Annie Cao

In honor of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, here are 5 Latinx interior designers and architects we’ve discovered that have been giving us major home décor inspiration!


Abigail Marcelo | Casa Marcelo

As a first-generation American with a Dominican and Panamanian background, Abigail Marcelo is an interior designer that brings the value of family to her interior style. Her design aesthetic is a blend of mid-century modern minimalism with a bohemian touch. She started her own design firm, Casa Marcelo, after feeling creative burnout and noticing the lack of representation in her field.


image via instagram @casamarcelo.co



The Campana Brothers | Estudio Campana

Brothers Fernando and Humberto co-founded Estudio Campana in 1984 to create unique furniture that is treated like art pieces. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Campana has produced limited and special edition pieces that are handmade at their studio. Several of their designs are on display at renowned international galleries and cultural institutions such as Friedman Benda and MoMa in New York, New York, the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo, and more. They’ve also incorporated sustainability into their design language, using waste materials like clothes, cardboard, and rope to craft their pieces and convey artistic messages.


image via insplosion.com



Shareen Bailey | Green Shareen Design

Born and raised in New York, Shareen Bailey earned her design certification from the New York Institute of Art & Design. She then went on to create her own design firm, Green Shareen Design, with the goals of being eco-conscious and to help grow women and minority-owned businesses. Being an Afrolatina woman with a Panamanian background, Bailey’s culture has influenced her design practices in the way that she takes care of her clients.


image via instagram @greenshareen


Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young | Estudio Persona

After moving from Montevideo to Los Angeles, California, Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young founded Estudio Persona, where they now run a studio and showroom. Influenced by their Uruguyan roots, their pieces are based on an absence of color and working with natural materials to produce unconventional, distinct designs with strong, feminine lines and sculptural shapes.


image via mattermatters.com




Jorge, Fernanda, and Sophia Loyzaga | Loyzaga

Based in Mexico City, Loyzaga is a family-run design studio that blends classic and modern interior styles. A family of architects, Jorge Loyzaga founded the studio and runs it with his daughters, Fernanda and Sophia. Inspired by 16th-18th century Mexican culture and the Philippines-Mexican relations at the time of the viceroyalty, the studio’s designs aim to merge past traditions with a contemporary aesthetic.



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(cover image via casamarcelo.co)

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