Behind the Design: The Elevate Collection

Aug 10, 2023 Carina Sun

When it comes to choosing the perfect sofa, comfort and design are at the top of everyone's list.
Today, we'll delve into the behind the scenes of our newly launched Elevate sofa collection. From a natural hemp material to the perfect sleeper sofa, we've crafted a piece that not only enhances your living space but also supports sustainable living practices. 

Q: What materials were chosen for the sofa's construction, and how do they contribute to its overall design and comfort?

Phantila: The sofa frame is made from SFI certified plywood, which is a strong and durable material that gives the sofa its base shape. The frame is padded with coconut fiber and recycled fiber to create a durable structure, while the cushions are made with CertiPUR-US certified high resiliency foam that provides both comfort and support. 

Q: Are there any customizable options available for the sofa's design, such as fabric choices, finishes, or additional add-ons?

Phantila: The Elevate collection can be customized through its fabric choices, we offer the collection in our Recycled Velvet and Upcycled Polyester fabric. The Elevate Sofa can also be expanded into an Elevate Sectional (and vice versa) through the purchase of additional cushions and pieces. 

Q: Can you explain the design principles behind the sloped arms and low-profile silhouette? 

Phantila: The sloped arm allows for us to have a higher back while maintaining an armrest that can support your arms while sitting and your head while laying. The concave shape of the arms on the inner side makes for the perfect headrest, while still being flat enough on the top to rest a laptop or mug. The low profile and deep seat visually beg for you to sit in this sofa and encourage you to lean back and relax.

Q: How does the sofa blend with different interior design styles, and do you have any styling recommendations for customers?

Phantila: The design was inspired by the comfort and coziness of a farmhouse, with a deeper seat, soft lines, and the addition of more modern curves. In terms of interiors, this sofa is a classic with its clean silhouette and generous seat, I can see it fitting into many different aesthetics and lifestyles.  

Q: What innovative manufacturing techniques or design elements were incorporated to make the sofa stand out in terms of both appearance and practicality? 

Phantila: There are a few exciting things about this collection. First, it incorporates a new, highly durable, natural, and low impact material - rubberized coconut fiber. This material is being used to pad the frames underneath the upholstery wherever possible as a replacement for synthetic fiber. Like all our collections, the manufacturing process for these pieces were designed to not utilize any glue and instead make use of mechanical fasteners. Lastly, all our seating collections are designed to be modular and flat-packed while still looking cohesive, as well as compatible with our Repair Don’t Replace program to ensure flexibility and longevity. 

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The Elevate Loveseat in Upcycled Poly
The Elevate Loveseat in Upcycled Poly


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  • Cheri Gray

    Sep 18, 2023

    Are there any stores any where at all that we could sit on one to try it out?

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