Behind the Design: The Evergreen Collection

Aug 22, 2023 Carina Sun

We recently launched two new seating lines with innovative design and sustainable materials. From a cushioned, comfortable seat made from natural hemp fabric, to our unique, easy-to-change slipcovers, let's take a look behind the design of our Evergreen Collection. 

Q: What specific features were integrated into the sofa's design to ensure optimal comfort and support for users?

Phantila: The cushions on the Evergreen sofa are filled with down-alternative fiber and a high resiliency foam core for an extremely plush but supportive seating experience. The curved arms allow for the perfect perch for elbows or a place to lay and rest your head. The tight back is high enough to be supportive while having a foam padding that is comfortable to rest against. 


Q: In what ways does the hemp fabric complement the sofa's design and add to its overall visual appeal?

Phantila: The hemp fabric compliments the relaxed and sophisticated look of the Evergreen sofa, giving a bit of visual texture and adding to the overall softness of the piece. For those worried about the texture, this hemp is incredibly soft, smooth, and breathable. It feels and looks very similar to linen, with all the added benefits of the hemp plant, including extremely durable and antibacterial. The fabric also softens over time as it is washed. While it can be machine washed on gentle, we recommend hand-washing and spot cleaning. 

Q: What sustainability aspects were taken into consideration when designing the sofa?

Phantila: We took into consideration the full picture of the product from materials, to our manufacturing partner and methods, to life extension solutions. As with the Elevate collection, the Evergreen collection utilizes rubberized coconut fiber, a highly durable, natural, and low-impact material, to pad the frames as a replacement for synthetic fiber where possible.

Additionally, as with all our collections, these pieces are made using mechanical fasteners rather than glue to ensure the materials can be separated at the end of the products’ life. The Evergreen collection is also designed to be modular and easily assembled, making it compatible with our Repair Don’t Replace program allowing it to be expanded and contracted as needed while looking like a cohesive piece. The slipcover design pulls it all together, allows for easy cleaning, and also makes it so that the entire piece can change its look or be refreshed with a new cover. 


Q: How does the color of the sofa influence the overall ambiance of a room, and what emotions or moods does it evoke?

Phantila: A sofa is most likely one of the largest, if not the largest piece of furniture in a room, so the color and material can make a huge design impact on the space. A rich colored, velvety sofa slipcover is definitely a different vibe from a soft white natural fabric. The hemp fabric is also offered in a few unique colors, with a personal favorite of our team’s being the Thistle. 

Let us know what your favorite slipcover color is in the comments! 

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The Evergreen Loveseat in Recycled Velvet
The Evergreen Loveseat in Recycled Velvet


If you'd like to make an order and have any questions, feel free to email us at customer@sabai.design or send us a DM on Instagram @sabai.design.

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  • Maricela

    Sep 18, 2023

    Hi! Can you order an expansion kit to expand an Evergreen loveseat into an Evergreen sofa? Currently, I’m interested in the Evergreen loveseat but if I move to a bigger place, I’d like the option to expand the loveseat into a couch or sectional.

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