Behind the Scenes at Our Manufacturers

Mar 29, 2024 Sammi Chen

At Sabai, we believe your home reflects who you are- that’s why we create our furniture with your values in mind. Come with us to visit our manufacturing partners in Tennessee, where your sofa comes to life! 

Our journey begins with local production. As a certified B-Corp, we uphold transparent and ethical manufacturing practices, which means partnering with domestic manufacturers who pay a living wage, offer health insurance, and use waste reduction tactics. Here, our employees can support their families and achieve work-life balance, all while doing what they love every day.

The furniture industry is a traditionally male-dominated field, but that doesn’t stop the women at Sabai. As seen, the team at our Tennessee manufacturers mostly cuts and sews our selection of 100% upcycled and recycled fabrics to fashion our high resiliency foam.

The final product: an assortment of non-toxic, colorful cushions and pillows you’ll love resting on.

Meanwhile, our Product Developer, Jess, is hard at work measuring, shaping, and molding our domestically-sourced wood to become the building blocks of your sofa. These pieces will then be assembled to create the perfect addition to your home.

We love seeing how our hard work transforms into beautiful furniture. Once the sofa is complete, our team wraps each piece to ensure safe and secure shipment to your doorstep.

Shop the Essential Sofa

The Essential Sofa in Recycled Velvet
The Essential Sofa in Recycled Velvet


Sabai is a place where our team learns and grows every day. We work hard to set a new standard for creating sustainable, beautiful furniture that aligns with your values and budget. Thank you for supporting us and making us a part of your home.

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