How to Make Your Next Move More Sustainable

Jun 10, 2024 Kelly McGeehan

It’s moving season. Whether changing apartments or moving across the country, here’s how to make your next move more eco-friendly.

Sabai's Guide to an Eco-friendly Move

Moving can be a lot of things- stressful, exciting, and above all, wasteful- but it doesn’t have to be. Moving is a fantastic time to assess your belongings, get resourceful, and re-home things you’ve outgrown. Here are tips to make your next move more sustainable, and where to donate your furniture in the NYC area.

1- Declutter and downsize 

Moving is a great opportunity to reevaluate your possessions and determine what’s worth lugging into your new space. By decluttering and downsizing, you can minimize your packaging supply needs, use a smaller moving truck, and give your preloved items a second life. In short, it’s less packaging, less gas emissions, and less hassle. You can start by sorting through each item in your home and labeling it as keep, sell, or donate. 

2- Use preloved packaging 

Packing requires a lot of, well, packaging- but you don't have to buy supplies brand-new. Lean into your community for help! Ask family, friends, coworkers, or even neighbors if they have boxes they no longer need. You can also look on Facebook groups like BuyNothing or Craigslist to see if free boxes are available. Your local grocery or liquor store might also have large boxes up for grabs. 

You can also use what you have. Wrapping fragile items in towels, blankets, or dishcloths instead of packaging peanuts or bubble wrap helps the environment (and your wallet.)

3- Sell or donate, don’t throw away

Before putting possessions that aren't coming with you out for trash pickup, consider selling or donating them. 

Having a yard sale or listing items on Facebook Marketplace are eco-friendly ways to get rid of goods while making some extra cash. Moreover, donating preloved furniture and household goods prevent them from ending up in a landfill and potentially help someone in need. 

Not sure where to start with donations? If you're in the NYC area, we've got you covered in the next section. 

Where to Donate Furniture in NYC Area

When it comes to donating furniture, you want to make sure your items are going into good hands. That’s why we provided a short list of responsible donation centers in the NYC area. 

  • Habitat Restore

Habitat NYC and Westchester’s Restores accept gently–used furniture and household goods for drop off or pick up. 
  • Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts a wide range of household goods and furniture in fair, usable condition. They also offer free pickup for easy donating. 
  • Angel Street Thrift

Angel Street Thrift accepts gently-used furniture to raise funds for HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and mental health programs. They offer free pickup in the New York and Tri-State area. 
  • DonateNYC

You can also find donation centers using NYC’s platform called DonateNYC. It allows you to search centers by item, in a certain mile radius, or by selecting only vendors that offer pick up. 

Sabai wants to make your moving process simple and sustainable. With this guide, you’ll have the tools you need for an eco-friendly move.

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