Meet the Team: Ashley's Home Tour (1/12/2023)

Mar 14, 2023 Annie Cao

Our Sabai team is small but mighty! From designing sustainable furniture to handling operations to sharing digital content, every member on our team works hard and contributes their unique talents to improve our company.

Today, we're kicking off a series where we get to take a peek into our team's homes and see the Sabai pieces they've added to their space.



Ashley is our Community Coordinator and we'll be learning about her personal design style and more!

Q: Where are you located?  

Brooklyn, New York.

Q: How would you describe your interior style?

Very clean with a subtle pop of a muted color.



Q: What tends to catch your eye when decorating?

I LOVE good lighting moments. You can get really creative with the lighting in your home to make it feel super magical and cozy.

Q: What types of color palettes do you like?

I love any shade of blue up against neutrals (blacks, whites)

Q: Would you describe yourself as a maximalist or minimalist (or in between)?

Definitely a minimalist, seeing too many things around makes me anxious! I need my surroundings to be soft and relaxing. 

Q: How do you feel about prints and patterns?

If they are done in a subtle and tasteful way I don’t mind it.

Q: What kind of home do you live in (house, apartment, condo, etc.)?


Q: Do you have a larger or smaller space? How do you think that affects the way you decorate your space?

I have a smaller space. I think it allows me to get even more creative and think outside the box to make my space feel just right. I love it! Gives my creative eye a challenge.



Q: Do you feel like your home reflects you (and/or your partner’s) personality?

It’s getting there. We have only been living in our space for 2 months so I'm just getting started!

Q: How does your home align with your lifestyle?

Sustainable, Green, and CLEAN.

Q: What was the most easy and challenging part about decorating your space?

Most easy - choosing the colour palette. Most challenging - trying to make it as co-ed as possible lol 



Q: Explain a bit about which Sabai couch you have and how you styled it!

I have the Essential Sectional in Recycled Velvet Moss with metal legs! She is styled with two velvety soft Sabai throw pillows and a cozy throw blanket from Nappy Head Club.

Q: Why did you choose the metal legs for your couch?

I love the modern feel it gives to the sofa. Also makes it easier to style with other furniture.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on your Sabai couch?

Cuddle with my 4-legged baby buddy Lucky!



Q: What do you like the most about your Sabai couch?

I love how the velvet hugs my skin when I’m taking a Sunday afternoon nap. It’s so SOFT!



Q: What’s your favorite place in your home?

My living room! My Sabai sofa makes every moment in there feel so special.

Q: What’s one sustainable tip that you have for decorating your space?

Repurposing Talenti sorbet containers is the perfect way to add a cute flower arrangement.



Q: What does your home mean to you?

My home is like a cloud in the sky made perfectly just for me.

Shop Our Essential Sectional

The Essential Sectional in Recycled Velvet
The Essential Sectional in Recycled Velvet


If you'd like to order our furniture and have any questions, feel free to email us at customer@sabai.design or send us a DM on Instagram @sabai.design!

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