Sit Green, Feel Great: Our Journey as a B Corp Certified Brand

Mar 13, 2024 Sammi Chen

Based in New York City, Sabai is more than just a furniture company – we're a movement. Founded by BIPOC women with a passion for style and sustainability, our mission is simple: to redefine comfort while leaving the lightest possible footprint on our planet.

Crafted in High Point, North Carolina, our sofas are a testament to eco-conscious living. Each piece is meticulously made with FSC-certified wood and recycled/upcycled fibers, offering guilt-free luxury at an affordable price. But what truly sets us apart is our B Corp certification – a symbol of our commitment to doing good. With an impressive overall score of 90.1 on the B Impact assessment, we surpass the ordinary median score of 50.9 by a mile.

Here's the breakdown: 

Governance (16.5): Our mission is more than words – it's our compass. From our corporate structure to stakeholder engagement, ethics and transparency guide every decision we make.
Workers (21.6): Happy employees make happy couches. We prioritize the well-being and development of our team, ensuring financial security, safety, and opportunities for growth.
Community (23.8): We're all about community, from NYC to North Carolina. Whether it's promoting diversity or supporting local economies, we're in this together.
Environment (24.2): Mother Nature deserves the best, and we deliver. Our practices go beyond the basics, minimizing our footprint and maximizing our positive impact.
Customers: (24.0) Your satisfaction is our priority. From product quality to transparent marketing, we're here to ensure a seamless experience.

Shop the Evergreen Sofa

The Evergreen Sofa in Hemp
The Evergreen Sofa in Hemp


Join us in creating a brighter, greener, and comfier future - one couch at a time. Read the full article here

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  • Ellen Pressley

    Apr 09, 2024

    Really appreciate your commitment, and I didn’t realize when I bought my sofa in Raleigh, NC that I was supporting the economy here too. High Point has had a hard time since so much manufacturing went overseas, so I’m pleased you’re supporting the people there while you focus on greater sustainability overall. I have recommended you highly and will continue to do so!

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