The Circularity Project (5/19/2021)

Feb 10, 2023 Christopher Yih

This month, we're popping up with Cambium Carbon and FloorFound to bring you The Circularity Project at 347 Broome Street in New York!

This collaboration was born out of a desire to build a more sustainable model for production, retail, and the furniture industry as a whole — to think about how we can continue the life cycle of the materials and products we manufacture and buy. Through thoughtful product design, material sourcing, and life cycle extension, we have together created a circular system to reduce furniture waste, empower consumers and producers, and prove out the model for a more sustainable future.


Our new coffee table represents our collaboration with Cambium Carbon and FloorFound to build more sustainable products and breathe new life into existing materials. The tabletop is produced using Carbon Smart wood — salvaged from fallen urban trees — while the base is constructed from recycled steel. Additionally, in keeping with Sabai’s Revive program, we will be using Floorfound’s innovative re-commerce platform and network to resell existing pieces. Lastly, the table is produced domestically, adhering to Sabai’s strict standards regarding ethical manufacturing, fair wage labor, and non-toxic materials.  



Our pop-up runs through the month of May so stop by, say hi, and see our furniture in person!

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