10 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do This Summer (6/29/2023)

Jul 01, 2023 Annie Cao

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and if your mood needs boosting, here are 10 outdoor summer activities that will get you out of the house and pump up your happiness levels! 


image via Iron Flask


Go on a picnic.

Picnics will never not be fun. Although there are even customized picnics nowadays for that perfect Instagram shot, nothing beats the simplicity of grabbing a picnic blanket to sit under the shade and enjoy the warm weather. Bring along some snacks, a book, or a couple friends for a relaxing afternoon!


image via Matador Network

Try out plogging.

If you already love going out for runs around your neighborhood, why not habit stack and pick up some litter at the same time? Plogging is an activity that was invented in Sweden – it basically means picking up litter while jogging or other outdoor sports.


image via Boulder, Colorado Farmers Market


Walk around a farmers market.

The great thing about farmers market is that it’s a triple threat – you can buy fresh produce, support local farmers, and have an excuse to get all dressed up to leave the house. We love farmers markets because not only will you be leaving with quality ingredients for your next meal, but you can hang out with a friend, go on a date, or connect with your community.


image via Flora Health


Take a hike (literally).

What better way to connect to nature and break a sweat than by hiking? Hiking is a fun activity to do with friends or solo, and you’ll get to see great views that aren’t on a screen. Find some local trails and get ready to lace up your sneakers!


image via United States Botanic Garden


Visit a botanical garden.

Need a date idea that isn’t dinner and a movie? Enjoy beautiful blooms and fresh air by going to a botanical garden. These gardens are a great way to learn about different flowers and plants as well as explore informational exhibits and events. Who knew education could be so romantic?


image via Onward State


Make your way downtown.

If you live in a busy city, then visiting the downtown area is a must do. It’s usually a walkable area where you can browse through a variety of small businesses and check out any events that will give you something to do on the weekends without going too far from home.


image via Southern Living


Soak up the sun at the beach.

A classic summer activity, but remember that habit stacking technique? Double the fun on your next trip to the beach by joining a beach cleanup or packing a bag and picking up your trash and the litter you see around you before leaving.


image via Good Housekeeping


Try your hand at gardening.

Do you dream of being a plant parent? Or maybe you love the idea of growing your own food? Then gardening might be the right fit for you! There are many articles showing that spending time in a garden is therapeutic. It can reduce stress levels, depression, and it also counts as physical activity. Just try to make sure you’re not outside during peak hours when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.


image via 6sqft


Take movie night outdoors.

Who needs a dark movie theater when the night sky can set the mood? *wink* No, but for real – summer is the perfect time to experience an outdoor movie. Whether you opt for a drive-in theater or an evening at the park, it’s an easy way to get out of the house for movie night.


image via Travel + Leisure


Plan a road trip!

If you’ve got the travel bug, but don’t have the time or money to travel too far, go on a road trip instead! There are many ways to take road trips these days – maybe you have accommodations booked or maybe you’ll camp out in your car, but these kinds of trips are a simpler choice to get out there and explore what’s around you.


 Cover image via Aquatic AV

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