3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Feeling Fresh

Jul 25, 2023 Annie Cao

You might already know that cleaning your space is important because of all the germs and dust that inevitably makes their way into your house. But what if your space feels stuffy or smells musty?

Here are 3 simple ways to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh all year round.

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1. Open your windows.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but sweltering hot summers or freezing cold winters usually means we're using air conditioners and heaters instead of our windows. Clear out that stale air by opening up some windows and let the cool breeze do its job.

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2. Make a natural room spray or a simmer pot.

Now that you’ve got some fresh air circulating through your home, you can amp up the freshness with a nice scent! Here are 2 options you can try out:

Natural room spray: Ditch those chemical-filled aerosol sprays and opt for an all-natural room spray. Mix vodka or witch hazel with filtered water and an essential oil of your choice. Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle. Make sure to shake before each use, and voila! Your new room spray will instantly refresh your space.

It’s also safe to use as a linen spray – spritz onto your towels, bedding, and upholstery to keep them smelling great.

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Simmer pot: Also known as a stovetop potpourri, this aroma-filled concoction consists of putting your favorite herbs, spices, and fruits in a pot of water and simmering on low for a few hours. This is especially perfect during the colder months – combine apple slices, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves and more to make your entire home smell like the holidays. Or use lemon slices and herbs for a lighter fragrance in the spring.


3. Clean and fluff up your furniture.

If your home isn’t feeling as fresh as you would like, maybe it’s time to give some love to your furniture. Here are a few things you can try out:

Wash your bedding. Make sure to wash your bedding as needed and vacuum your mattress regularly for a fresh bedroom. Nothing beats that feeling of getting into bed with clean sheets. 🥰

Deodorize your carpet and rugs. If your home has carpets and it smells a little musty, sprinkle some baking soda to absorb odors and vacuum thoroughly afterwards.

Clean your couch. Binge watching shows, reading books, hanging out with friends. We spend so many hours on our couches, so it only makes sense to clean them. Thankfully, all of our seating options at Sabai are easy to clean!

Whether there’s a spill you need to take care of or you just want to freshen up your sofa, our removable cushion and pillow covers simplify the cleaning process. You can gently machine wash or hand wash our covers with a cleaning solution, then air dry or tumble dry with no heat. After they’re dry, you just have to put them back on, fluff up the pillows, and enjoy your clean couch! For full instructions, check out this blog post.

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