A Deep Dive: The Materials

Aug 07, 2023 Carina Sun

At Sabai, we are committed to bringing you comfortable, affordable, and comprehensively sustainable furniture. Let's take a deep dive into the non-toxic materials that compose our products, and understand how they make our commitment to keeping our environmental impact to a minimum possible.

Q: How does the use of hemp as a material in the new seating lines contribute to sustainability and environmental responsibility?

Phantila: Hemp is a plant based fiber that uses 50% less water to grow than cotton. * It is a low impact crop, needing less space to farm and it has the ability to  regenerate the soil by returning nutrients back to the earth.* Hemp is also naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, incredibly durable, and breathable. We have been working to offer a 100% natural fiber fabric for a while now, but wanted to ensure we were using one that uses less water than the cotton and linen options we’ve seen offered.

Q: What are the various applications of hemp in the construction of the seating lines, and how does its versatility enhance the overall design?

Phantila: The OEKO-TEX certified hemp fabric is used in our Evergreen slipcovers, the material is incredibly soft, which might surprise many people, and more durable than cotton. The great thing about slipcovers is the ability to easily remove and clean as well as the potential to effortlessly change the look of the piece by changing the color. Over time and with washes, the hemp also continues to get even softer!

The Evergreen Sofa in Natural

Q: Apart from hemp, what other non-toxic materials were integrated into the new seating lines, and how do they contribute to a healthier indoor environment?

Phantila: In place of traditionally used polyester upholstery fiber, we are using a natural fiber material made from a mix of coconut fibers and natural rubber wherever possible. The wooden legs are finished in a water based finish and the frame construction uses a non-toxic, solvent free glue.

Q: Were there any unique challenges or breakthroughs in incorporating these non-toxic materials into the design, ensuring they meet quality and safety standards?

Phantila: This was our first time using the coconut/rubber fiber in our upholstery. It’s a material that is relatively new to the US market, so we needed to have it tested to be certain it met the US material standards, specifically Cal117, the material regulations coming out of California.

Q: How was sustainability and eco-friendliness considered in the design process of the seating lines beyond just the materials used?

Phantila: We considered the many different ways our customers will be living our products. First, they are designed to be assembled and disassembled easily with standard hardware and tools. Second, both seating collections are made to be repaired, individual parts can be purchased to replace in case of damage and cushion covers and slipcovers can be replaced to ensure the longevity of the product.

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The Evergreen Loveseat in Hemp
The Evergreen Loveseat in Hemp


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