Consider Rescuing & Adopting Your Next Pet | A Q&A With Puddin & Cory (12/15/2021)

Feb 10, 2023 Krista Lee

We love all the pets that make our sofas their homes as much as their humans. When thinking of adding a new loved one to your home, consider rescuing and adopting from shelters. And if you have the means, try taking in one who needs a little extra help - such as a special need or complicated history. Regardless of their situation, they all deserve to be cared for and will love you back unconditionally.

Taking in a pet is obviously a huge responsibility and requires patience, time and attention. Whether they're a puppy or an older dog, they will usually need training and possible rehabilitation if coming from a traumatic past. Always make sure you are 110% ready to care for a pet before getting one. 

During the holiday season, a lot of pets are given as gifts. But unfortunately, many of them are taken to shelters in the new year as people realize they don't have the time or weren't prepared. 

A good alternative to gifting pets is to give an adoption kit with a gift certificate for a local shelter. This way, they can visit the shelter prior and make sure they're ready. Another idea is to foster a shelter pet during the holidays. This can increase the chances of adoption or at least give the pets a break from the shelter. 


We were lucky to speak with @mydearpuddin (a rescue herself) and her human Cory earlier this year! 


Q: Puddin, what are your favorite things to do on your Sabai sofa?

A: Dad will say sleep but I am gonna say…alright it’s sleep.

Q: Which fabric did you get?

A: We chose the Moss Velvet because it's extra soft and makes the perfect material to curl up on and chew on a toy. 

Q: Favorite Netflix show to listen to? 

A: Dad puts on Shrek the Musical when he leaves for the day so definitely that one! 

Q: Favorite podcast?

A: Anything that includes bacon, eating, sleeping, or digging. 

Q: Favorite couch meal?

A: Whatever I can sneak off the table.

Q: Puddin, what did you do today? What does your daily routine look like? Where does Sabai play a role? 

A: Today I got up and went for a walk with dad, then we played some fetch with our jiggly ball. After that, we came inside and I took a 5 hour nap on our Sabai couch and then got up to go outside and bark at the squirrels. Oh and of course got to chew on my chewy bones and listen to a lil TV.

Q: Favorite activity?

A: Definitely digging OR chewing on a chewy toy (or dad’s shoes but shhhhh). 

Q: What do you think of quarantine? Are you a fan? 

A: Oh ABSOLUTELY, dad NEVER has to leave me AND I get pets whenever I want?? Count me in!!

Q: How much time do you spend on the sofa a day - are you a couch potato? 

A: We prefer the term couch vegetable (more inclusive) but dad said if I spend any more time on our couch I’d be a couch. 

Q: Do you only get on the sofa when you are invited by your dad or do as you please?

A: Dad thinks he runs the place, but little does he know...I’m the boss. 


Q: What’s Puddin's favorite thing to do on the sofa? 

A: Honestly, sleep. She is a big sleeper or likes to chew on her chewy toys. 

Q: Sabai’s best qualities for dog owners - any tips and tricks? 

A: It has been my DREAM to own a green velvet couch, but having a dog can make that dream not so realistic. But with this velvet being washable, stain and scratch-resistant, it really takes a lot off of my mind. Now when I go out and I leave her alone, I’m not worried she might rough the couch. Additionally, sustainability is a big goal in our house and seeing a company strive to have a couch be sustainable but also meant to stay in your house for as long as possible is AMAZING. 

Q: Do you have any sustainable/eco friendly practices for dog owners? 

A: Honestly, we took a look at everything we do (i.e., poop bags) and tried to find an alternative that would break down or could be recycled. Also, we try and use whatever we have till it’s destroyed (i.e. Puddin’s 3 year old harness). Something important we have started to do is to find companies like Sabai who strive for such sustainable and eco-friendly practices that it takes a big load off our end in worrying what harm was done in the creation of a product. 

Q: Why velvet? 

A: It’s honestly been a dream of mine since I was like 18 to own a velvet couch they look so luxurious (update: it is luxurious). 

Q: What was your first date night with Puddin on your Sabai couch? 

A: Puddin is kind of obsessed with Shrek the musical…so Shrek. 

Q: Favorite quarantine couch activity? 

A: Definitely binge watch shows.

Q: Have you always had rescue dogs?

A: Yes! All of our dogs came from the shelter except for one, I always wanted a chihuahua so we did end up buying a chihuahua when I was a kiddo.  

Q: Tell us about how you found Puddin and why you were the perfect pair? 

A: So about two years ago, I really wanted to find a rescue dog to add a little spice to my life (and oh boy did she) and really give a home to a dog who maybe had a rougher start to life. I found Puddin when I was looking through different shelters to adopt a dog (specifically the SPCA of Texas). What honestly got me was Puddin’s ears; I didn’t even notice she didn’t have eyes till my mom pointed it out when I showed her. We went in the next day and got to meet her and the rest is history.

We honestly didn’t have any major challenges going through the adoption process. However let me tell you, puppies are no jokes. Post adoption, I don’t think anything was so challenging that it pushed me to tears other than just the energy this girly had. I wasn’t ready for that. But we managed and created a routine. When things did come up that were a challenge, we just adapted the best we could (i.e., going up the stairs and down with commands, starting dog training earlier with special commands, etc.). We are the perfect pair because she really is a bundle of joy. She came into my life in a dark time and has really taught me so much about myself and made me a better “dog dad”.

Q: How has Puddin changed your life? 

A: Puddin has really taught me to be more patient and really brought me out of a dark place in my life. 


Q: Favorite take out/human food treat?

Cory: Pad Thai

Puddin: Anything from the table 

Q: Guilty pleasure show? 

Cory: Real Housewives

Puddin: The Tiger King

Q: Favorite podcast? 

Cory: And That’s Why We Drink 

Q: Where are you based? 

Cory: Dallas, Texas 

Q: Favorite quarantine hobby?

Both: Sleeping 

Q: What is the first thing you will do when the pandemic is over? 

Cory: Go to a concert

Puddin: Go to a giant dog party 


We love you Puddin! Thank you to Cory and Puddin for letting us get a snippet of their lives together (with their Essential Sofa). 

Happy Holidays from the Sabai Team! 

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  • Susan Meeks

    Apr 09, 2022

    Hi. Dino, our black lab, passed two years ago :( We knew we were going to buy a house so we’ve been waiting to go to the shelter to bring another member of our family into our next home. We just bought a house and are moving in but we still need to build a fence suitable for a large dog. How exactly do you recommend cleaning both types of couches (I have ordered both sets of swatches though leaving towards velvet anyway) and what do you mean when you talk about selling it when it wears out? Do you mean in the local paper or on Facebook or something then buy another from you? :)
    Sincerely, Susan Meeks

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