Behind the Design: The Essential Club Chair

Jan 16, 2024 Annie Cao

The Essential Club Chair has entered the chat — designed with the wide arms of the Essential Sofa, our Club Chair is just the right size for a party of one. We spoke to our co-founder, Phantila, to get the 411 on how the Essential Club Chair was created. 



Why did you decide to create the Essential Club Chair? 

We saw how much people loved the Essential Chair, whether as an addition to a Sabai sofa/sectional or on its own. We wanted to offer an additional option for those looking for a different design/aesthetic. 

What do you enjoy the most about the Essential Club Chair? 

I really love the clean lines of this chair. It reminds me of Florence Knolls designs but chunkier. 

What are the main differences between the Essential Chair and Essential Club Chair?

Essential Chair 

  • Sloped arms add character 
  • Side pillows
  • More open 

Club Chair

  • More substantial and enveloping 

What’s your favorite way to style the Essential Club Chair?

I think the Club Chair makes for an amazing reading nook. Pair it with our Semi Side Table and Field Rug and you’ve got the perfect cozy space! 


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The Essential Club Chair in Upcycled Poly
The Essential Club Chair in Upcycled Poly


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