Celebrating Sustainability: Recap of Our 'Built to Last' Pop-Up Gallery

Apr 29, 2024 Sammi Chen

As we bid farewell to our 'Built to Last' pop-up gallery, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who joined us for Earth Month. From the artists who sprinkled magic into our space to the chefs who whipped up culinary delights, and the folks who sipped sustainably with us, your presence has made this event an unforgettable one!

A Look Inside Our 'Built to Last' Gallery

   Our 'Built to Last' pop-up gallery wasn't just about showcasing art; it was about celebrating our pieces designed for a full lifecycle. From the moment our guests stepped in, they were greeted with colorful artworks, infectious laughter, and an all-around good time.

@monicagreatgal and @kailuaa stole the show with their mind-blowing creations that added a splash of whimsy to the gallery: it was a mood, a vibe, and a whole lot of fun.

    But what's a party without food and drinks, right? Chef @woldykusina wowed us with a spread that left our taste buds tingling and our bellies happy. And @yolamezcal? Well, let's just say their drinks were so good, we're still dreaming about them!

    To everyone who danced, laughed, and celebrated with us at our 'Built to Last' pop-up bash, thank you from the bottom of our eco-friendly hearts. Let's keep the party going and toast to a more sustainable future. Cheers!

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