Sustainable Blooms: 5 Ways to Get Earth-Friendly Floral Arrangements (5/21/2023)

May 21, 2023 Annie Cao

Who doesn't love getting a fresh bouquet of flowers? 💐 They're typically reserved for special occasions, but picking up some blooms on an ordinary Tuesday is an easy way to brighten your home and mood.

However, even though the flower industry makes around 55 billion dollars in the US annually, most of the flowers we buy are imported. This means growing and shipping these bouquets to stores and florists will typically involve high carbon emissions and toxic chemicals.

Here are 5 ways to find responsibly-grown flowers, whether they’re delivered to your door or you pick them up yourself!


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ReVased got its start in 2019 by upcycling leftover flowers from events. After COVID, they started sourcing their flowers from farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. This means that the farms they partner with participate in sustainable and humane practices. They're currently still continuing to upcycle flowers, while also making sure a portion of your purchase goes towards several nonprofits every month.


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The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. also sources flowers from sustainable farms to reduce their environmental impact. Because they come directly from farms, your bouquets can stay fresher for longer. And they’re dedicated to creating safer working conditions by using fewer toxic chemicals, which can be prominent issues in the flower industry. With brick-and-mortar locations in NYC, LA, and Chicago, The Bouqs Co. offers a variety of bouquets and plants that are responsibly grown and will look stunning in your home.


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Farmgirl Flowers

As the only large-scale and female-founded ecommerce flower company, Farmgirl Flowers creates made-to-order floral arrangements and ships internationally. Indecisive customers will enjoy the fact that their in-house designers do all the work for you by creating custom, one-of-a-kind arrangements with locally-grown flowers. They’re also known for their signature burlap wrapping made from upcycled coffee burlap sacks.


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Shop at your local farmers market, florist, or nursery.

Farmers markets and florists in your area are more likely to have locally-grown flowers, which decreases the amount of greenhouse emissions involved and increases the chance that your blooms will last longer. Miley said, "I can buy myself flowers," so don't be afraid to pick up your favorite blooms for yourself!

Additionally, if you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, pick up some flower bulbs at your local nursery so they can witness their favorite flowers grow and create their own arrangements later on.


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How to Sustainably DIY Your Own Floral Arrangement

Want to try your hand at floral arranging? After purchasing your favorite flowers from a farmers market or local florist, get a vase and start playing around with how you want your arrangement to look. To keep your flowers in place, try one of these more sustainable options. 

  • Pin frogs: In ikebana, the Japanese art form of floral arranging, flower frogs or kenzan is used to hold flowers in place. They're usually made from eco-friendly materials and are reusable.
  • OshunPouch: made from the outer fibers or coconut shells, this biodegradable pouch keeps your floral arrangements firmly in place. 

Many bouquets and arrangements use a floral foam that isn’t good for the environment. But thankfully, these alternatives are sustainable and reusable, so you can practice your floral arranging skills and become a pro in no time.


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"After The Final Rose:" Repurposing & Composting Your Flowers

Just because your flowers aren't fresh anymore doesn't mean you have to throw them out. If you plan on keeping your bouquet long-term, you can dry or press your flowers and display them as home decor.  You can also keep the petals and use them as potpourri or put them in bar soaps. Lastly, make sure you compost your flowers when you're ready to dispose of them.


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