The Evergreen Collection: Never Out of Season

Apr 19, 2024 Kelly McGeehan

Sink back into our Evergreen collection that embraces both durability and sustainability. These timeless pieces are designed to be modular and repairable, ensuring top-tier comfort for years to come. But this wouldn’t be possible without hemp- the sustainable fabric at the heart of this collection. 

Let’s dive into what makes this fabric perfect for sustainable sofas.


Materials Deep Dive: Hemp Fabric

Hemp is best when it comes to renewable, earth-friendly furniture. Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it provides soft, breathable comfort that doesn’t cost the earth. Hemp enhances our sofa’s relaxed, sophisticated look by adding visual texture and softness all while being a low-impact crop that uses 50% less water than cotton to grow. 

More, hemp is the fine wine of fabrics; it gets better over time. Our Evergreen slipcovers contain OEKO-TEX-certified hemp that softens with every wash, offering comfort that lasts. The slipcovers are also easy to remove and clean for an instant refresh. When life happens, just remove the hemp slipcovers for easy hand washing and spot treatment. 


Life-Proof Durability 

From the bare bones to the final touches, the Evergreen collection is intentionally crafted to provide smooth, lasting comfort. Shop our collection for pieces that fit any home and any season.

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The Evergreen Sofa in Hemp
The Evergreen Sofa in Hemp


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