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The More, the Merrier: The Essential Corner Sectional

Nov 01, 2022 Annie Cao

With the holidays right around the corner, you might be getting a head start on decorating, gift shopping, and more. If you’re planning on hosting some events this holiday season, The Essential Corner Sectional is perfect for larger gatherings!


About The Essential Corner Sectional

Our Essential Corner Sectional is a versatile addition to your space with three different options to choose from: we have 5, 6, and 7-seat sectionals that are suitable for living rooms of all shapes and sizes.


Shown: 7 seat Corner Sectional (@duckytheyorkie)


We Have Expansion Kits!

If you already own our seating but feel like you need a little more room for parties (and naps💤), you can extend your furniture with our Expansion Kits!

This means:

  • Your existing Loveseat can turn into a 5-seat or 6-seat Corner Sectional
  • Your existing Sofa or Sectional can turn into a 6-seat or 7-seat Corner Sectional


shown: 6 seat corner sectional expansion kit

Keeping Sustainability in Mind

One of our goals at Sabai is being able to offer thoughtfully-designed furniture that can grow with you through all of life’s phases. With our expansion kits, you can extend your current furniture instead of buying a larger sofa.

This is a great addition to our sustainability initiatives, such as our Repair Don’t Replace and Sabai Revive programs. These approaches all aim to increase the life cycle of your pieces while reducing furniture waste from ending up in the landfill.

*Note: only products with wrench-based assembly are available to be extended into our Corner Sectionals. You can contact us at customer@sabai.design if you have our previous tool-free assembly products and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Designing Your Living Room With the Essential Corner Sectional

Sprucing up your space for end-of-the-year festivities is a must! Here are some ways to bring the party to your home:

Include some greenery. Check out our blog post on indoor plants that will also improve the air quality of your space.


Add The City Table, Essential Chair, or Essential Ottoman to display home decor or add extra seating to your living room.

shown: 8 seat U-shape sectional

If you’re looking for an extra-large, extra-special living room arrangement, check out our secret menu blog post.

There, we highlighted additional assembly options outside of our Essential seating choices that can seat up to 11 people!


Now Sit Back & Enjoy the Party!

With our Essential Corner Sectional (and expansion kits!), you’ll be ready to hit send on your invites and host as many events as your heart desires. And when the party's over, you’ll have tons of room to stretch out your legs and unwind.


Shop our Essential Corner Sectional and Expansion Kits now at sabai.design 🛒

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