5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Lunar New Year (1/17/2023)

Mar 15, 2023 Annie Cao

As an Asian-founded company, we want to recognize Lunar New Year and the traditions that surround the holiday. Although traditions are beautiful and create a sense of comfort and belonging, we should try to be conscious about the waste produced during these celebrations. Here are 5 environmentally-friendly tips we want to share for Lunar New Year!


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Reuse red envelopes.

Using red envelopes to give out money is an important tradition in Asian households because it symbolizes good luck, but using them once is a waste. As long as they’re in good condition, save them so that you can get multiple uses out of them. You can also make your own red envelopes with recycled paper.


image via New York Habitat

Clean up responsibly for the New Year.

It’s a tradition before Lunar New Year to clean your home in order to get rid of any bad fortune and welcome in good luck for the new year. But when cleaning, try using eco-friendly cleaning products. And if you decide to declutter, make sure you’re getting rid of things responsibly. Check out our responsible decluttering blog post for a list of organizations you can use to make sure your items don’t end up in the landfill.


image via Hong Kong Tourism Board

Avoid excess food waste.

As families gather together to celebrate Lunar New Year, there are usually big parties with lots of food. If you’re attending or hosting a party, try cooking smaller portions and take home leftovers if possible. If you’re having a smaller event, make a list before going to the grocery store and only buy what you need so nothing goes to waste.


image via pickledplum.com (vegan dan dan noodles)

Make plant-based recipes.

Certain dishes in different Asian cultures represent luck and good fortune. But if you usually eat dishes with meat, try replacing a dish with a vegan version. If you’re up to the challenge, you can even make your whole Lunar New Year meal meat-free. Reducing your meat intake, even if it’s with a couple meals a week, can make a difference.


image via oworld.typepad.com (leaf confetti)

Skip the fireworks.

A well-known way to celebrate Lunar New Year (and many other holidays) is by setting off fireworks. But fireworks aren’t good for the environment, especially when it comes to air quality. Instead, opt to skip the fireworks show and make your own eco-friendly confetti!


image via ThoughtCo

Bonus: Reevaluate your Lunar New Year outfit.

Another tradition for Lunar New Year is wearing a new outfit. However, there are a few ways to make this tradition more eco-friendly. If you really want new clothes, make sure they’re items you need and that you’ll wear often. You can also buy your “new” clothes secondhand – thrifting your outfit is a great way to add more options to your closet while extending the life cycle of clothes that have been donated. 

Do you celebrate Lunar New Year? If so, have you made any sustainable adjustments to your traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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