5 Sustainable Living Influencers You Should Be Following (1/17/2020)

Feb 10, 2023 Emmeline Clein

As much as we love Instagram, it can often be a massive time suck, and a trigger for insecurity. But it doesn't have to be that way, and your feed doesn't have to be filled with celebrities on beaches or influencers selling you diet teas. Sustainability influencing is a growing niche, as more and more young people are devoting their accounts to helping others lower their carbon footprint, and their Instagram presences can add some much needed education and inspiration to your feed. Here are five accounts you should definitely follow.

1. @SustainableDaisy

The woman behind Sustainable Daisy is an environmental scientist, so her advice on how to make your wardrobe, skin and makeup routines, and daily cooking and cleaning habits more sustainable is backed by hard evidence. Her academic expertise also means she often drops proven statistics and serious arguments into her very readable captions. 

2. @OldWorldNew

Addie Fisher's instagram is rife with hot tips on slowing down, living more intentionally, and treating the planet better in the process. From how to avoid greenwashing (which is when products market themselves as more eco-friendly than they actually are) to environmental documentary recommendations and giving you eco-friendly home checklists for every room in your apartment, Fisher's account always has a fresh new way for you to live more sustainably.

3. @Renee.ElizabethPeters

Peters is a model turned eco-activist who now runs a lifestyle site called Model4GreenLiving. On her Instagram, she lets followers in on her educational journey as she studies permaculture (design inspired by naturally resilient ecosystems) and regenerative agriculture (farming that aims to capture carbon in the soil). She also posts gorgeous landscape photos as she travels the world, visiting the few pristine ecosystems that remain intact. 

4. @ZeroWasteHome

Bea Johnson has been devoted to living completely trash free since 2008. If that's not enough of an incredible feat, she's sharing how she did it in easy to follow, user-friendly how-tos posted on her instagram and website. Her feed is rife with helpful infographics, lists, and motivational thoughts. She's also relatably honest about her fails, posting pictures when someone gives her a drink with a plastic straw or using something disposable is unavoidable. 

5. @HomesteadBrooklyn

Summer Rayne Oakes believes we don't have enough plants in our daily lives, and her social media mission is to educate people on how they can incorporate more flora and fauna into urban living. She posts informational videos on how to care for basically every houseplant you could possibly imagine, along with videos that tell you what kinds of climates certain plaints thrive, and where to put them in your home to promote growth. This account will add some much needed greenery to your feed.

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