An Open Letter to Our Community (1/21/2021)

Feb 10, 2023 Sophie Kennedy

To Our Community,

I want to start by saying a resounding thank you. Thank you for bolstering our team each day as we realize our vision of a sustainable future. Your feedback, support, values, ideas, and imagination are Sabai's true north. On behalf of our team, I personally invite you to join us in upholding the Sabai Standard.

The Sabai Standard is a culmination of our mission - to make beautifully designed, affordable furniture that doesn’t cost the earth. Our goal is to prolong the life of our furniture by offering customers the right to repair their furniture and a Closed Loop Promise that affords Sabai's pieces a second chance at life. The Sabai Standard is not only designed to reduce furniture waste but also to provide our customers with more affordable options, whether that be through accessible repairs or a secondhand sofa. 

After working behind our customer support email, I was struck by one recurring theme: life happens. Isn't that just magical? Yes, most of the time. However, when your adorable puppy mistakes your new sofa leg for a chew toy it is not as wonderful as most moments life beckons.

Now, life's sticky situations do not need to be a means to an end for Sabai's furniture. The furniture industry's current cycle of buy, use, wear, and trash is not sustainable: for our planet or bank accounts. With the launch of the Sabai Standard, I ask for your participation in setting a new standard for the furniture industry - one that embraces circularity, not waste. 

To our fellow furniture companies, the impact of this program will only be greater with you on board. I encourage you to join Sabai in taking responsibility for the life cycle of your furniture products. Please let our team know if you we can help along the way. 

To our customers, we set the foundation that will empower you to minimize your personal impact and look forward to your taking part - when and if the time comes. 

To our community, the Sabai Standard is just the first leg up for the furniture industry. I hope that together we can foster open conversations and constructive growth as we enter this new era of consciousness. I look forward to seeing what we achieve as a collective body. 

Stay cozy, 

Sophie Kennedy
Director of Business Development

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