Behind the Design: The Field Rug (5/27/2023)

May 31, 2023 Annie Cao

If you haven't noticed yet, we recently welcomed the Field Rug to our Sabai family! And we love sharing the details of how our products are made, so we asked our co-founder Phantila for her insight on the design process and more. 



Why did you decide to design the Field Rug?

Since launching our seating line, our community has wanted additional products from us that align with our mission and allow them to build a sustainable and value-oriented home. Rugs are a very natural and intuitive extension of seating, and go even beyond just being compatible with our seating products as they can be used in many different rooms and spaces.


What was the thought process behind using wool and jute for the Field Rug?

We decided from the start that we wanted to offer a completely natural fiber rug. There are a lot of synthetic fiber rugs currently available in the market and we wanted to offer something different and new. 

Jute and wool rugs are both amazing natural fibers in their own right that create wonderful rugs. We wanted to merge the two worlds together in hopes of bringing the best of both into one rug, and I think we’ve succeeded! Both of these materials make the rug 100% natural, biodegradable, and recyclable.



We sourced the jute from Bangladesh, and we feel it brings a natural texture into the home. Jute is a renewable plant that doesn't require the use of pesticides or fertilizers and has an incredibly fast growth rate. It grows with rainfall and replenishes the soil it grows in.

We chose to utilize wool after considering a variety of factors. Wool is a renewable material that has been used for thousands of years that is naturally fireproof, durable, temperature regulating, biodegradable, and recyclable. It is the best of both worlds in terms of being able to break down if needed, but is also long-lasting and resistant if continued to be used. Our wool is ethically sourced from farms in New Zealand and the UK and is mulesing-free. We used the wool to soften the feel of the rug, and to add a pop of color through our dyed color options. 



What do you think makes the Field Rug stand out from others on the market?

Another big focus for us was finding a domestic weaving partner that we trust. We’re incredibly happy and proud to have succeeded in this, and are bringing to market a rug that is high quality, all-natural, accessible, and domestically produced. Our manufacturing partner is based in North Carolina with over 100 years of rug-making experience.



Which color is your favorite?

My favorite color at the moment is the Sumac! The richness of the red wool brings a lot of character to the rug and therefore any space, but is then balanced out by the jute.

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The Field Rug


If you'd like to make an order and have any questions, feel free to email us at customer@sabai.design or send us a DM on Instagram @sabai.design.

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