Crafting the Milestone Table: A Journey of Design and Purpose

Oct 12, 2023 Sammi Chen

Nestled at the intersection of thoughtful design and purposeful living, the Milestone Table emerges as a testament to the artistry and intention that define Sabai's ethos. From its inception to its final form, this table embodies a journey of careful consideration and creative ingenuity. Let's chat with Jess, our Head of Product Development, as we explore the challenges faced and the deliberate choices made to ensure that the Milestone Table not only graces your space but seamlessly adapts to the chapters of your life. 

Q: Can you share some insight on what the process was like from start to finish developing the Milestone Table? Were there any challenges you faced along the way?  

Jess: First, I delved into the Sabai customer base and the company's aesthetics to grasp who might use the table and what it would be paired with. This guided my design and material choices. Then came the fun part: sketching and drawing various concepts, drawing inspiration from art and design. I brought my favorite designs to life in 3D CAD and created renders using different materials. We evaluated the design options, weighing the pros and cons of materials, shapes, and functionality to narrow down the best ideas. Milestone quickly became a favorite due to its character and how well it embraced modularity. Once the design direction was chosen, I collaborated with our wood vendor on the production process. This is always a challenge because you're attached to the design, but sometimes adjustments are needed for ease and cost-effectiveness. For Milestone, the challenge was producing a solid hardwood coffee table in a cost-effective manner. This led to reducing the leg diameter and adjusting the table top dimensions for better CNC nesting. After finalizing the production process, we went through multiple sample iterations testing hardware and assembly solutions to ensure easy customer assembly. The final step was working with our packaging producers to create the right size and strength box for shipping.

Q: What's the story behind the Table? 

Jess: The Milestone Table is truly crafted to evolve and adapt with you over the years, commemorating life's significant moments. For instance, if you’re starting out on your own with a smaller living space, you might opt for the square shape because it's more compact and designed to fit in tight spaces. Somewhere down the line, if you find you are needing more space, choose the surfboard or rectangle shape, which is longer, slimmer, and designed to occupy more room. When you are thinking about starting a family, the circle shape is the way to go to avoid sharp edges and baby-proof your home. 

Q: How does sustainability play a role in materials? 

Jess: The Milestone Table comes in two types of woods - FSC Oak, which is a certification that guarantees the wood is coming from a responsibly managed forest and a carbon smart Cherry that uses trees that were removed in urban areas in Michigan which would otherwise have been turned into mulch or discarded in a landfill.

Q: What materials did you choose and why? 

Both the Oak and Cherry are hardwoods that are long lasting and have a timeless appearance. Hopefully this means whoever owns the Milestone Table will use it for a long time!

Q: How did you approach the balance between form and function in this design? 

The aesthetics of the design were primarily influenced by its modularity and functionality. Given that it's a coffee table, there are specific heights and dimensions to consider. Additionally, incorporating the modular feature for the legs dictated the structure of the base. Following this, it became a process of experimenting with various proportions and forms to shape the overall look and personality of the piece.

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