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Welcome to The Green House

Oct 05, 2022 Emmeline Clein

It’s 2019, and we’ve all realized that the daily activities we never used to think twice about – using disposable coffee cups, eating burgers, accepting the plastic bags at the grocery store – are pieces of our carbon footprints we can and should change, as climate change becomes ever more dire. We are all trying to limit our everyday impact on the environment as much as possible, but we rarely think about how our actions inside our own homes contribute to larger environmental damage. 

On this blog, we will be figuring out how we can change the way we act inside our own homes to minimize our environmental impact. The inside of your apartment – what you furnish it with, how you clean it – can play a surprisingly large part in your environmentalism, even though it’s a part of all our lives we rarely think of that way. 

We’ll give you our tips and hot takes on the best ways to avoid thoughtlessly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and landfill buildup in your own home. We’ll be writing about the things you’ve wondered about and the things that have never even crossed your mind, from our favorite environmentally friendly houseware brands to how to get a stain out of your couch without using toxic chemicals. If you have any burning questions about sustainable living, DM us! We’d love to explore them here.

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