One Man’s Trashed Furniture is Our Treasure: Sabai x Lugg

Apr 04, 2024 Kelly McGeehan

The rise of fast-furniture brands, like Ikea and Wayfair, has made revamping your space seemingly easier than ever. Yet, these mass-produced products aren’t built to last and are often discarded after a few years of use. 

The result? Mountains of furniture filling up landfills. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw out an estimated 12 million tons of furniture per year, a 450 percent increase since 1960. What's worse, many of these pieces contain materials like wood, fabric, and metal that could otherwise be repurposed and recycled.  

We believe in affordable furniture that doesn't cost the earth. That’s why we partnered with Lugg to rescue furniture on its way to a landfill.


Rescuing Street Furniture with Lugg

Lugg is a moving service that will pick up anything you want off your hands-including unwanted furniture. Our goal in this partnership was to save furniture from landfills and give existing materials a new life.

Together, we spent the morning picking up furniture headed for the dump and donated them instead. Our efforts support a circular system that removes furniture waste and helps the planet. 

How you can minimize furniture waste

You can help minimize needless waste by investing in ethically produced furniture designed to last. Look for furniture companies with eco-friendly stamps of approval like Green Business Bureau, Fair Trade USA Certification, Green Seal, and Certified B Corps (like us!). 

You can also turn to our sustainability programs like Repair Don’t Replace when your loved items need some TLC and Sabai Revive when you’re looking to shop Sabai second-hand or find a new home for your furniture. 

We hope to level the furniture landfill some day soon, one sofa at a time.  

Shop the Essential Sofa

The Essential Sofa in Recycled Velvet
The Essential Sofa in Recycled Velvet


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    Do you know whether there is a similar company to Lugg in Northern California?

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